Chapter: 6


Ok everyone, you have 3 choices, said the coach.

1, basketball.
2, Soccer.
3, Flag Football.

¨Hey Sair!¨

I turned and saw Alex.
She's kinda a tomboy, but shes a cool friend.

Me and a couple friends was gonna play some basketball.
¨Wanna join?¨

¨Sure. Might kill some time¨, said Sair.

When I got to the basketball court, I saw 2 boys waiting.

¨Yo Alex, you found somebody?¨ said one of the boys.


Sair, this is Dale and Eden.

¨Sup¨, said Dale

¨Hi¨, said Eden.

Sair waved.

So this game is two on two. But to make things more interesting...Sair your with Eden and I'm with Dale.

¨Hey!, that's not Fair¨, said Dale.

I'm not stupid, I knew you two were scheming up something behind my back, said Alex.

¨Fine by me. Who ever get to 10 first wins¨, said Sair.

They all agreed.

Eden took the ball and went to the cent of the court.

Alex and Sair stood facing each other.

Eden tossed the ball in the air.

Sair was able to slap the ball out of Alex's hand. Eden retrieved the ball and did a layup, earning a point.

¨Oh yea¨, said Sair.

¨Its not over yet¨, said Dale.

Alex got the ball, but Eden was right on her tail. The ball went between his legs, then she did a jump shot and was blocked by Sair. Dale retrieved it, then shot the ball from the 3 point line.


Eden and Alex divided for the ball. Alex got it and dribbled. Sair was blocking her now too. Alex did a overhead pass to Dale. He made a slam dunk, earning a point.

¨Ha!, got them Nike kicks¨; he said as he jumped down from the hoop.

Sair got the ball, but was stopped by Alex.

Sair smiled.

She did a bounce pass to Eden; Dale tried to block him but missed. He did a jump-shot from the 2 point line.


Eden got the ball back and Dale was blocking him.

¨Time to turn up the heat man¨, Eden said to Dale.

What you...

Eden passed the ball between Dale's legs and Sair got the ball and shot it from the 3 point line.


The score was 4 to 5.

Alex got the ball and did a crossover dribble then a reverse layup, earning a point.

I will end this, said Dale. He dribbled the ball knocking Sair over.

¨Fowl!¨, said Eden.

You get 2 free shots, said Alex.

Sair got up and bounced the ball twice.
She tossed the ball letting it roll off her fingers, making a swoosh. I won't miss, said Sair eyeing Dale. She tossed the ball, making another point.

Dale got the ball and did a blind pass faking Sair and Eden out. Alex got the ball and did a jump-shot from the 2 point line, making it bounce off the rim then backboard, still went in.

The score was 6 to 7 now.

Sair got the ball, but was immediately blocked by Dale and Alex. She bounce passed to Eden, then Alex stole it and shot it from the 2 point line.

¨Come on baby!¨, said Dale.

Eden got the ball, then passed it to Sair.
Sair dribbled the ball, then passed it back to Eden. Alex tried to block him, but Eden faked her out and shot from the 2 point line, making a swoosh.

Alex got the ball, she turned away blocking Eden and didn't see Sair steal the ball from her. Sair passed the ball back to Eden, then went to the front of the court.

Dale was waiting for him.

Eden ran up the court dribbling the ball, then bounce passed the ball to Sair. She caught the ball making an Alley-oop. Sair collapsed on the ground. We won, she said short of breath. Eden jogged over to her and extended his hand.

¨Good Job¨, Sair.

I took his hand and got up. too.

Dale spun the ball in his finger.
¨That was a rush¨, he said with a smile.

¨This was fun, gotta do it again¨; said Alex

We heard a whistle blow.

¨Ok everyone all in for Flag Football¨, said coach.

When I got home from school, it was late.
Hey mom, I'm back.
¨Whats for dinner?¨

¨Curry and Rice¨, she said.

Oh Sair, a girl with a skateboard came over looking for you; she wanted me to give you this. I came over and saw a purple watch in my moms hand, it looked familiar. Her name was Tweet. She said you helped get her cat out a tree in the park. Its a gift.

¨Oh yea...I was just lending a hand¨.

I took the watch from my mom and went upstairs.

The End

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