Chapter 5

                                                             ~The Hidden Passage~

I opened the door caring a bag in my hand. When I got outside I was surprised to see Ian sitting on the railing. My bike leaned up against the stairs of the house.

¨You Ready?¨

¨Ian, what are you doing here?¨

He raised an eyebrow.
¨You forgot already?¨

He jumped down from the railing.

Spirits. I was gonna show you what we do.

A small smile spread across my face. I looked at my cell. We'll, I still have an hour before the party.

¨Your still up for it?¨

¨Sure¨, I said.

I got on my bike and followed Ian down the street; pass the fire house, across the park, and down an ally to a dead end.

¨I looked around, Uh there's nothing here¨; I told him.

Ian pressed something on his watch, and the brick-wall split in half.

A women and man appeared in the doorway.

¨Welcome Home, Master Ian¨.

¨Thanks¨, this is Sair. She's our guest.


¨Hi¨, said Sair.

I went inside and the wall closed shut.

¨You can leave your bike near the door¨, said Ian.

I followed him down the corridor to a door labeled center.

Ian put on the intercom, Everyone report to the center.

A few minutes passed, before the door creaked open.

6 people walked in.

2 of them held swords. A boy and girl.
Looks like they were fighting? Sair thought.

The other 2 were a boy and girl; they had laptops.
The boy looked normal, but the girl had a skateboard. Her right leg and both her hands were wrapped in bandages, with a band-aid on her left cheek. She had a sweater wrapped around her waist and she wore a black beanie.

The other 2 were a girl and boy also. The girl had black hair with blue high-lights. The boy had brown hair with a military buzz-cut.

¨Yo Ian, whats up?¨ Said the boy with the weapon.

Nothing, just an introduction.

Sair, this is Skeeter and Miya. There fighter like me. We track the spirits down and bring them back here.

This is Flash and Zena. There called Tech-Mechs. They study the gadgets and repair them if they get busted.

Last but not least.
This is Tweet and Identity Chris. There Tracers. They trace the spirit's spirit energy so we can locate them.

And these are our newest recruits.

2 girls and a boy emerged from behind the others. He had curly brown hair and brown eyes. She had red hair and green eyes. The other girl had blonde hair and brown eyes.

Its that girl, Sair thought.
The girl from the Plaza.

This is Mat, Carly, and Jasmine.

¨So, what do you guys do, whats this all about?¨ Said Sair.

¨Well, princess¨.
The girl with the sword stepped forward.

¨Were called the I.B.O.
Which stands for the Inbetweener Organization.
Our job is to rescue poor unfortunate souls and help them cope with what happened to them. From there we help them live and do things they never got a chance to do when they were alive¨; said Miya.

¨I see, that's amazing¨. said Sair.

¨Just for the record¨, said Zena.

We all have to train.
For Example.

Zena took the sword from Skeeter and did a back-flip off the wall. She swung the sword and it collided with Miya's. They fought.

Miya pointed the sword at Zena neck.

¨Training helps...its a routine¨; said Miya.

Yes, and also.
Zena made the sword fly out of Miya's hand.

¨Never let your guard down, see it helps us stay on edge¨; said Zena.

¨Wow¨, said Sair.
Oh right, Ian this spirit was at the smoothie Robot. He stole money and ran out the shop.

Tweet, trace.

¨If its that same tricky spirit; he appears on the radar for 5 minutes then disappears¨, said Ian.

¨We'v been trying to track him down for a while, said Skeeter¨.

Chris yawned.
¨Hey guys is Sair a spirit?¨

The rest of the gang looked at her.

Tweet was the one to speak up.
¨She's alive¨.

¨How can you tell?¨ said Flash.

¨I can hear her heart beat and the look in her eyes¨, said Tweet.

¨Shes's right¨, said Ian.

Sair looked at the time.
¨Oh crap, I'm late. Sorry but I g2g¨.

The brick-wall opened and Sair rid her bike out the ally and down the street, towards Darren's house.

When she got there, lots of people were outside. But she didn't see Darren. She went inside and saw Darren sitting in the living room.

¨Hey¨, I said.


¨Wheres Lizzy?¨

Shes pigging out on some food.

¨Sorry, I'm late¨.

¨2 hours late, where were you?¨

¨I had something to do, hope this makes up for it¨.

Sair gave Darren the bag.

Happy Birthday.

¨No way, Lollipop-Chainsaw!¨

¨Yeah, I know how bad you wanted it¨.

¨Thanks Sair... the graphics are so good in this game, I'll be barfing rainbows for weeks¨.

The End

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