Chapter 4

                                                                  ~Reality Check~




3 smoothies please, Sair told the bartender.

Hey guys, check this out.
¨BAM!, GTA5; said Darren¨.

¨So¨, said Lizzy.

Duh, its the new one.

¨Oh, I heard that game was good¨. Said Sair.

¨You guys should come over and play it. Game design is a big thing¨.

¨Well Darren, your a gamer dude. So all this stuff is second nature to you, said Lizzy¨.

The bartender came over and said, here's your usual.

I got the Banana-Pineapple.

Liz got the mango-coconut.

Darren got the Strawberry-Kiwi.

¨Shows what you guys know, said Darren slurping his smoothie¨.

¨Well I guess you don't want your gift, said Sair¨.

What is it?

¨Idk Liz, should I tell him?¨

No Sair, I don't think he'll have time. Since he'll be drooling over that cheerleader poster in his room.


Remember he flipped out.

¨No, I just didn't have enough money at the time¨.

¨Come on Sair, you can tell me; said Darren¨.

¨Its a secret; she sipped her smoothie¨.

Of course...

Darren slurped his smoothie down.
¨Hey, can I have get a refill?¨

We both laughed.

I looked out the window and saw this person in a green hoodie.

The person came inside and rushed passed the people in line.

¨Hey punk, watch where your going! said an older man¨.

¨It wasn't me, said the boy¨.

¨Yea right, who else would it be the invisible man!¨

The person in the green hoodie smiled at that.

¨Um, I slurped my smoothie¨.

When the hooded figure climbed over the counter; the strangest thing happened. The smoothie machines went crazy and sprayed smoothie juice everywhere.

In the chaos, the person in the green hoodie took the Donation money and ran out the shop.

Before that, I was able to glance at the face, it was a boy.

The shop was a mess and the people were upset.

¨Hey, Sair¨.

It was Lizzy.

¨You seem kinda spacey today?¨

My bad.

¨Yea, hope we get free smoothies for this technical malfunction, Darren said in a robot voice¨.

¨Hey guys, did you see this guy in a green hoodie?¨

¨What guy?¨ they both said.

Nvm, I slurped down my smoothie until there was nothing left.

The End

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