Chapter 3

                                                         ~Through The Open Door~

The doorbell rang.

I'm coming, I yelled.

The dog waddled  behind me.
¨Come on, Andy.¨

¨Andy is my pet husky.¨

I opened the door, not surprised who it was.

¨Hey, he said¨.

¨You sure don't waste anytime, do you? I asked him¨.

¨I'm a straight forward person¨, he replied.

My mom came down the stairs.

¨Honey, who is it¨?

Oh, this is my friend...

Ian, he said.

Well, its very nice to meet you Ian, said said.

They shook hands.

Mom, me and Ian was gonna hang out. back by dinner, she said.

I grabbed my jacket and Andy's leash.
Ok, thanks mom.
Love you.

I closed the door behind me.

After we got further away from my house, I asked him
So what did you wanna ask me?, said Sair.

¨Shhh, to many people.
Lets go to the park, he said¨.

Andy was barking at the squirrel in a tree, I tugged at his leash.

We stopped by the playground, it was empty.

I sat on the swing.

Ian stood.

¨When did you start seeing spirits, he asked me¨.

The answer shocked me.

¨Were you able to see that spirit at the plaza?¨ Yes or no.

I sighted, no point lieing.
¨Yes, i knew it was a spirit where it disappeared then reappeared¨.
¨So, yeah.
I can see Ghosts¨, said Sair.

¨So you do have the sight¨, said Ian.

¨I started seeing ghosts...uh spirits when i was 5¨, she said.
                ¨ My grandfather was the same way¨.

Ian listened.

¨But, tell me this. You can see spirits too¨, Sair asked Ian.

Yes i can, he said.

¨So you also have the sight then, right?¨

¨Well, yes and no¨; he said.

¨What you mean¨?, said Sair.

He turned to her.
Im a spirit too, he confessed.

¨How can that be¨?
¨My mom could see you...¨

¨That's because of this¨.
He help up his left hand, revealing a blue watch.

I don't get it, she said.

¨It allows me to maintain my human form¨, said Ian.
Thats why your mom was able to see me. Thats why your classmates were able to see me.

¨I see¨, said Sair.

She sat  back down on the swing.

¨Um, hey...this may be a little personal, but how did you die?¨

He was quit foe a while.

¨Im sorry. That was dumb of me to ask¨, she said.

¨No. Its ok¨, he told her.

I was in a car accident. At my funeral, everybody was sad. I looked as my broken body lay in that coffin. It made me mad with rage. Why did my family have to suffer this?, i thought.

He took a breath.

¨I lost control for a while...I almost killed someone¨, Ian told Sair.

Who?, i asked him.

Ian shook his head.

I wanted him to feel the same pain my parents felt. I didn't care what i had to do...I wanted him to suffer.

Ian was on the brink of tears.

I almost killed his daughter...his 10 year-old daughter.

In the end, I new what I was doing was wrong; he said. I was so blind by hate and revenge that i didn't realize, I was gonna kill an innocent person; he said.

Ian whipped his tears. so sorry, said Sair.

¨Its almost 8, i should get you home¨.
  His voice was calm and strong.

¨No, i wanna know¨, she said.

¨About what, he said.

¨Everything¨, said Sair.

Ian ran his fingers through his hair and said nothing.

We left the park and made it to my house before 8.

The moon was out.

¨Well, this is my stop¨; said Sair.

Ian nodded.

¨So, i guess. I'ĺl see you around?¨, she said.

¨Maybe¨, he said.

He turned and walked into the night.

The End

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