Chapter 2

                                                          ~The Unexpected Visitor~

¨I didnt get any sleep last night¨, said Sair.

¨Why¨? said Darren.

¨Oh, nothing.
My mom was giving me a hard time about my bike¨.

¨Btw, how did the painting go¨?, said Lizzy.

¨We painted the living room wall red, then my mom brought paintings¨, said Sair.

When we get to the school, I noticed someone leaning agaist the school gate walls.

I saw a flash of black hair.

It was that boy!!!, Sair thought.

¨Hey guys, can you go on ahead I have something I need to do¨, Sair told them.

They both nodded and went inside the school.

I walked over to the boy with a purpose.

¨What are you doing here¨?, I asked him.

¨I saw the back of your jacket yesterday¨, he said.

¨What¨?, I said.

Home Of The Wolfs.

¨No, Thats not what i mean¨; I told him.
I meant what are you doing at my school!

I could hear talking and snickering behind me.

¨I wanted to ask you a question¨, he said.

¨Can it wait till later¨, Sair told him.

¨How will i be able to find you¨?, he asked.

Sair considered this.
¨Ok, look. Here's my home address¨.

He took the piece of paper from her.

¨Thanks¨, he said.

¨Now, can you do me a favor and leave, she said¨.
She ran inside the school, letting the crowd of kids swallow her up.


The End

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