Chapter 1

                                                                     ~The Sight~

Ugh¨, I thought school would never end, said Sair.

¨Ikr¨, the last class dragged on. I kept looking back at the clock to see if it moved,  said Lizzy.

Darren yawned in boredom.
He got on his bike and did a wheely.

¨Are you guys just gonna stand there and blabber or  are we gonna go?¨ Said Darren.

The Buses were pulling out the school and we had our bikes ready, when the last bus left. We took Peach Avenue down ranger road.

¨Cant wait till i get home. Im gonna play Assassin's Creed, said Darren¨.

¨Yea, if only you put that much effort into your school work like you do with video games, said Sair. 

Lizzy laughed.

¨Awhh, dont nag me woman.
But nah.
Your right, I should stop slacking off, said Darren¨.

¨So, said Lizzy.
Are we going to Smoothie Robot today?¨

¨Sorry guys, I just remembered. I gotta help my mom paint today, said Sair¨.

¨Bummer, said Darren¨.

¨Come on, said Lizzy¨.

¨Cant be helped, I'll text you later, said Sair¨.

I took the short-cut through South-Side Plaza. When i got there i saw this girl. She looked confused and scared.

Hey, are you alright?

¨She turned to me, and  screamed No¨!!!
It sounded like thunder.

Then i heard a huge Snap!
A tree branch was gonna fall ontop of me.

I screamed!!!

When i opened my eyes, the  branch split in two.
A boy appeared infront of me. His hair was black and he held a sword. He had his back turned to me.

¨Are you alright? He said¨.

¨Who are you¨?

Not important, he said.


Another Crack!

¨Stay out the way and keep safe, said the boy¨.

¨Look, calm down.
I'm here to help, he yelled¨.

Another rock flew in my direction, i sliced it with my sword.

¨Damn, he thought.
Her spirit energy is out of control. I gotta calm her down...and talking isn't working¨.

I rode my bike to the end of the plaza.
The girl must have saw me, because before i knew it the pole was falling. I got off my bike and the pole crashed ontop of it.

¨Here's my chance, he thought¨.
He pulled something silver out his pocket and ran towards the girl. He didn't want to get that close. He flung it at her and it wrapped around her wrist.

She crumbled to the ground.

¨What did you do to me, said the girl¨.

¨Its a device that temporarily controls your spirit energy, he said¨.

I pulled my bike from underneath the pole. It was kinda bened but still rideable.

The boy help out his hand to the girl.

¨Please, he said
Let me help you¨.

The girl slowly gave the boy her hand.
He helped her up.

I started to leave, when he called out.

¨Hey, what's your name?¨

I hesitated for a second, before answering.

My name is Sair.

Sair Hathaway.

I rode my bike out the plaza and headed for home.

Sair, he thought.

The End

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