Sair could see ghost ever since she was little. Now her world and the Spirit world are gonna collide.

                                                                     ~New Arrival~

Identity Chris. 

Identity Chris, where are you!
I looked in the chambers, the alchemy lair, and the computer labs; he's normally near computers.
Then i realize my mistake and how stupid i must feel.
This is  Chris...even though hes an amazing computer tracer; he's also lazy.
I  ran up the stairs and into the corridors, the hall-ways were filled with rooms. I kept walking till i made my way towards the door labeled Identity.
I swung open the door, the room was dark and computer pieces layed astray.  I saw the bed, it was messy and bulky. I pulled the covers back and there he layed.


Chris, get up!

He muttered and slowly shuffled up-right.
His hair was red and spiky; his skin pale and brown eyes.

Chris said, in a sleepy voice.
Whats all the commotion...

He turned and saw Ian.

Hey Ian...i

No time to talk, Theres a spirit needs tracing. 

Chris flipped open his lab-top that was on the bed. 
Its  located around the south-side Plaza. Im tracking its spirit energy.
The spirit's confused and disoriented.

Send the coordinates to my watch, Ian told Chris.

We have no time to lose.

The End

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