Chapter Two - Part TwoMature

There is no Jacob there anymore, in it's place stands Usiel, the dominion of the sun. That is who I really am... 

As I took the revelatory form, bright white light fills the room yet it doesn't blind Jacob's father. My black skin becomes golden with veins of a pure white glow coursing through it and a pair of eagle's wings protrude from my back. 

"Joseph, you have always been faithful to the lord." I declare my voice cavernous yet warm and charismatic. 

"Is it you my lord? Have you taken the form of my child to contact me?" He questions, in religious ecstasy. 

"Be not afraid." I declared.

"What is it you ask of me my lord?"

"What would you give?"

"Anything my lord!"

"Even if I ask for your eternal loyalty would you oblige?"

"Yes!" He said, almost screaming. 

I walked softly toward him and set my hand on his head...

Then I smacked him hard upside the head. "You're an Idiot." I swore under my breath, changing back to the mortal aspect I now posses.

"What are you, an angel?" The preacher ask.

"Think again. Who come to you and offer you something you've always wanted, all he ask is for your fealty."

"You-- You're a demon!" He wailed, getting his crucifix from his jacket and chanting. "In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit--"

"Oh stop that!" I walked to him and ripped the cross strait from his hands without repercussion. 

"Devil, what have you done with my son?"

"Nothing, I wasn't the one who stabbed him three dozen times. He was bleeding and dying, his soul had already left so I hopped in. Sorry, but Jacob is gone."

"I don't believe you, get out of my son's body!" He commanded.

"I can't. I'm stuck in here whether you like it or not. Your son's soul is no longer here, but his mind still is, his memories, his personality, his feelings." I admitted, saying the truth.

"What do you want?" He said, cautiously.

"I told you, do you think god can forgive a sinner who's done the worse of crimes?"

"Why should I believe you, a self confessed demon, what good are your words?"

"About as good as that of an adulterer." I commented, knowing it would deliver a blow to his ego. "Speaking of her, how is Sandra?" Sandra was my father's mistress and his secretary.

He grumbled and I sat down at his office. "Why did you come to me?"

"Because I need help... And I don't know where to get it."

"Why should I give it to you?"

"Because if I am lying, which I'm not, wouldn't it be better for you to keep me close so you have a chance to deliver your son?"

He spit a swear and sits down in the guest chair of his own office. "What is it then?"

"It's good you got a chair, we've got a long story to get through..."

The End

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