Chapter Two - Part OneMature


Slowly, I step out of my Mercedes and face the building that stood in front of me. Although the place was officially a church, it doesn't look like one. It is buried in the industrial district of the city, away from anywhere the believers lived that might come to pray.

It was actually a television studio, one where my father, or rather Jacob's father, worked at. We hadn't seen each others in three years, They never got along. But now, I'm no longer Jacob...

Usiel was the name I once bore. Before I joined with a mortal to escape the pit where all those who had disobeyed the One's orders had been imprisoned. I can't help but shiver just at the thought that I might go back there one day...

The guard at the entrance doesn't even look at me as I enter and make my way to the studio. I enter the place where everything is shot and broadcasted live to feed the masses with disillusioned hopes.

It's almost midnight, the show ends in ten, so I just stick to the shadows and lean against the wall waiting for him to finish. Charismatically, he preaches about the end of the world, how everyone must repent and embrace the glory and love of Jesus Christ, with people in the studio and at home, gullibly eating every words he says.  

After a while and more speeches, pastor Thompson steps down from the stage and into the public bath of fans in the live audience. Once he breaks free of the fervent crowd, I leave the comfort of the wall and slowly walk to him. 

When our eyes meet, the water bottle in his hand drops to the ground. "...Jacob? Is it you my son?" He asks me, shocked.

"Let's talk in private." I order more than request. 

"Yes... of course my son..." he mumbles still under shock.

We step into his office and he closes the door behind us. Before he can speak, I walk to the far side of the room and asks. "Do you think god can forgive anyone for their sin?"I don't need to look at him to know he's surprised, after all Jacob was an atheist.

"Of course my son."

"Regardless of how horrible the sin is?"

"Jacob, did something happen to you? Are you in danger?"

"Please answer the question." I ask or rather command him to with the tone of my voice. I notice my hands are clutched together into fists.

"If the repentance is genuine, then yes." My father affirms. "What is it that you've done Jacob? I can help you."

"The question should be 'what haven't I done?'"

"Please, tell me what's going on." He asks worriedly. 

I can't explain it to him... at the very least not with words. I let myself out, away from the bothersome envelop of flesh that keeps me anchored to the world of the living...

The End

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