Chapter One - Part ThreeMature

"Where did you go man? You just vanished." VV asks as we leave the English class room.

"I wasn't feeling well, I went outside to take a breather."

"You could have told me." He comments, sounding slightly suspicious.

I couldn't have done so... "Yeah, sorry..."

I especially now with hunters in the area, I have to remain quiet and very discreete. Hunters aren't a big deal. Inquisitors, however are another story, they aren't your average vanilla human.

They have special ability including the power to feel supernatural being's presence. The good news is that if I stay confined within Ethan's body, they won't be able to detect me unless they come within a few meters of me...

Allthourough the day, I'm only there in body, my mind is absent, busy thinking about what's going on. I can't remember who Eresh is...

Despite what people believes, Fallens aren't one big team of nasties... Especially now. We all have our own agendas. Those we call Faustians seek to usurp god, by using mankind's powers. Then there are those who seek to return the fight to the Maker and appoint Lucifer as the one god...

But I'm not from either of those, I fell, but now I regret it.

We all rebelled with noble intents, we sought to help mankind survive the comming storm but in the process we lost more than our place beside god.

From beings of Light and love we turned into creatures of darkness and selfishness...

Maybe one day I can redeem myself, washa way the sins that I commited during the age of wrath.

When the final period ends, I'm about to leave when a girl approaches me and ask if I could talk to her in private... Fates are imposible to surprise, if she harbored hostile intent, I'd know it.

"Sure." I tell her.

She leads us under the stair case to the second floor. She looks really nervous for some reason...

"What's the problem Jane?" I ask.

"Eh... I don't know... How to.. Eh..." She begins, tripping all over her words.

"Take your time."

She breathes in deeply and then declares. "We've known each others for a while and I was wondering if you'd like to go do something like watch a movie tomorow night. You know, between friends that's all. Not that I don't..."

She speaks so fast I doubt anyone else would have understood a word of what she said.

"Eh. Sure." I answer without thinking about it much.

She all but jumps out in the air and then hugs me before leaving. "I'll call you tomorow okay?"


I stand there, confused by what just happened. It takes me over a minute until the gears in my head figures it out.

"Wait... Did I just get asked out!?!?" I ask myself out loud.

That thought is enough to send me into panic mode. I've never did anything... Neither as Ethan or Ramiel...

"What am I supposed to do? I have no Idea!" I talk to myself.

I've got to find VV... He'll know.

The End

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