Chapter One - Part TwoMature

I have only fifteen minutes until the next period so I don't hesitate to move fast. I can feel the location of the distress call. It's not too far but on foot I wouldn't reach it under twenty minutes...

I bail out of the school building using the emergency exist, which thank god, isn't alarm triggering. I end up in a tiny alley between the school and the nearby buildings. With none in sight, I let myself free.

I become something else, I'm no longer Ethan but someone else; From man, I become angel. In an instant, I change, my skin becomes midnight black with azure swirls dancing upon it, my eyes pass from green to glowing uniform gold, while my hair change to transparent white all the while owl's wings appear on my back.

I fly away, despite it being daylight, nobody notices me as I warp space around me, making trip that would have lasted many minutes nearly instantaneous. 

When I arrive at the location, I waste no time landing, merely stopping my flight suddenly. Despite having fallen from several stories high, I land softly like it was nothing. A perk the angels of air, time and space have over any other beings.

"Who are you?" Screams an otherworldly voice that rumbles. 

"You first." I answer, my voice cold and almost mechanical.

I look around and spot her. She's also in her apocalyptic form, clad in robes of darkness, only her hands and face are visible, as pale as alabaster and fleshy yet skeletal.

"I am Ereshkigal of the seventh order."

"Ah Eresh!" I say, less mechanically. "It's me, Ramiel."

"Ramiel of the fates?"

"The one and only." I help her back up and examine her. Large glowing gold scars run across her back and chest. "What happened to you sister?"

"Hunters fell upon me as I was amongst humans. I tried to defend myself but I could hardly do so without endangering mortals."

"What about these wounds? No blade could cause them..."

"They had an inquisitor... He carried a dangerous blade. Surely the work of an Asura."

"Damn..." I swore. "Can you take your mortal form again? I can take you to safety."

She nodded and instead of the reaper who had stood beside me, there was now a woman in her thirties dress as a secretary or something. I did the same, returning to a teen's body.

I asked her address and when she gave it to me, I helped her walk over the closest door frame where I begin to chant the incantation I remember from the first days of creation...

After a few seconds of speaking words lost to mankind since the tower of babel, the doorway shimmers with azure light and when we pass through, we step inside her apartment, located miles away.

"There you go. I have to return to class. I'll contact you soon." I said before going back the way I came.

The End

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