Angels and Ashes - Chapter IMature

"What is becoming of the world? murders, kidnapping, crime, corruption are the new religion of these days. I tell you, the end of days is near. Armagedon is nigh.

Demons walk in our mist, beings of pure incarnated evil that seek to corrupt our souls and send us into the pit with their master. But do not think the police or the army will aid you when evil begins to rise, my children, for they are merely pawns of the Dragon! 

Remember this my children, do not accept the mark of the beast, do not accept the chip implants for they are part of Satan's great plan! Show them the power of the Christ, show them the might of god and his followers!"

These are the words a televangelist proclaim, as a friend and I walks by a radio, set in the street in front of a church for people to hear.

"Idiots..." I mutters under his breath. 

"Did you say something Ethan?" My friend Vasili asks.

"Nothing, VV." He replied.

Everyone called him, VV as his real name is Vasili Volsky. He had came to Montreal with his family when he was only two years old, directly from Russia. 

"Come on, what's on your mind? There's always something on your mind when you're brooding like this. Is it a chick?"

I gaze at him, right in his blue eyes. "No. It's not. I'm just really tired that's all."

He shrugs and doesn't push further. Which is good. I can't tell him what's on my mind... He'll think I'm nuts... I don't have a lot of friends now. I was fourteen when I lost my parents in a plane crash which I survived but near death...

I haven't really socialized with anyone since then and it's been three years. He's about the only guy that stuck with me.

When finally reach the school. "Do you know what class we begin in?" He asks as I fiddle with our locker's lock.

"Physics, English, Biology and Social studies. In that order. The cafeteria menu today is Pizza and it's Kim Kerrigan's birthday today." I answer absently.

"Jesus man, how do you remember all this stuff?"

"I remember everything that's all."


"Yes." I lie to him. I can't tell him what I can't remember... Nobody must know... I need to stay discrete. 

We grab our book and walk in the class just in time for the bell to ring.

"That was close." VV declares.

We both sit down at our assigned places and the teacher begins his lecture about astrophysics, which seems to bore the entire class except me, as I listen, my hands starts drawing random patterns on paper. I don't even look at what I'm doing. 

The bell frees us from the physics lecture and some even let out relived sighs. I walk out of the door with my books in hand until I hear a piercing sound...

I can hear a voice that echoes through the city. A voice those around me can't even hear. Someone is calling for help.

The End

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