Angels among us: Epilogue

I walk into his office, my pychologist Mr. Haram. This is my first time, and I'm fairly nervous.

"Do you think about the day they died?"

"I remember that moment every day of my life. The moment when my whole life was taken away from me. But, I remembered the dream and figured that that wasn't a coincidence."

"Speaking of the dream, do you feel any of your family have tried to contact you?"

"I don't think that any of my family have tried to contact me from beyond the grave. And I'd rather keep it that way, the thought kind of gives me goosebumps."

"Have you seen the angels from your dream?"

"I think that the four angels from my dreams have helped me in my day to day life. Gabriel was a guy in the movie store that gave me the right peice of advice, the first time. Michael was a homeless person on the street that taught me the true meaning of Chirstmas, the first time. Raphael was a doctor who made a difficult call and helped me pull through, the first time. And Barakiel was a librarian who gave me the best book in the world, the first time."

"How do you cope with your loss?"

"I try not to think of them as being gone, just as away. It's much easier to go through life knowing that you'll see them eventually. Infact, I've even been going to church now. It's not that there's something special about Christianity, just that it's convenient."

"Can you tell me about their funerals?"

"They each had a separate funeral day, even though it cost me a load of money it was worth it. I swear that after my wife's funeral people started to get tired of comming, but those that really cared came all four times. And now, they lie, in the graveyard all next to eachother, with a plot that will soon house my remains right next."

"What do you miss about your family the most?"

"I think the thing I miss most about my family is waking up in the morning to Corynne wanting me to listen to the dream she had last night. And I definately miss my wife."

"Did their deaths affect your job?"

"Their deaths didn't effect my professional life that much, but the first few days I didn't go into work. They were angry when I came back but understanding when I told them my situation. Now, I got promoted and I got a raise, I finnally feel like my life is on track now."

"Do you ever think about having another family?"

"No, I don't think that I'm ever going to have a family again, it would just bring back too many bad memories that I'd rather keep away."

"Ok, so do you think we should discuss those during our next session?"

"Ok, I'd like that, I'll see you next monday."

I walk out, feeling refreshed, and light.

The End

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