Angels among us: John

Immediately, Barakiel turned around and created a portal of which he promply walked through. I then, ran a bit to catch up and I, too, walked through the portal. When I ended up on the other side I saw a few kids and then my son. I saw that a couple of the kids were leaving, but that my son was staying. I sat on the ground and looked up at Barakiel, he looked back at me.

"I know what I'm going to do."

"Good, I hope you can help him."

I nod and wish with all my heart to be able to help him. At around 10 o'clock the moon started to show and a everyone but my son left. My son, however, stayed behind. All he was doing was looking into the fire. I immediately saw my chance and walked into the fire, the flames then surrounded my body, creating a vessel for which I could interact with my son. My son looked up and he saw me, but his first reaction was anger.

"What the hell is your problem! Why can't you just leave me alone! You're dead, go the f*ck away!"

Immediately the angel tightend up and I sensed he wanted to teach my son some manners. But, tonight, it was not my job to be angry. I tried to speak, for a whisper, for my son and it worked.

"Why do you hate me, John?"

"Because you're dead! You don't exist! You're just a hallucination or someother bullsh*t."

I strained to speak, it was rather hard.

"Please son, let me explain. I didn't die on purpose, it was an accident."

"Yeah, an accident. You could have just walked away dad!"

I strained again.

"And what, let those people die? I was not ready to sacrafice them."

"Just tell me your little ghost message and go to hell."

It was getting harder and harder to speak.

"I love you, John. Regardless of the things I did, or will ever do in the future, I love you. You are my only son, and you will carry on my name through the world. You have to be a man for mom and Corynne, not closed and shut off from the world. You are my son, John, and you can do anything. And, I want to let you know, that I'm not gone, I'm just away for a while and you will see me soon, though we hope not too soon."

At this speech my son started to cry. A few stray tears was all he needed. Then, he stood up, and extinguished the fire, though my body encased in fire still remained. He walked to the dock and said the last words I would ever hear on earth.

"I love you, dad."

And with these words, making my heart soar, the flames left. They flew up to the sky and created a phrase, it was 'I love you too, son.' And as quickly as it came, it left, and my son walked to his car. He revved the engine, and left. I then turned to Barakiel.

"What next?"

"Well, you'll see."

The End

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