Angels among us: Jennifer

We stood there in the kitchen, Raphael and I, and we were trying to find a way to help her. She was done using water, so I couldn't do that, there were no flowers so that was out of the question. Which left us puzzling for an answer. You know, I could probably affect her emotions. It seemed plausible so I tried it. I tried to feel as happy and as light-hearted as I could, and I tried to direct that in her direction. Then, she did a little laugh. I tried harder and she started to giggle for a while, before regaining control and going back to her cooking. Then my daughter walked in.

"Raphy!" She screamed with amazing enthusiasm.


"Raphy! Is dad here?"

Then my wife looks over to Corynne, our daughter.

"Daddy's not here, and you're imaginary friend doesn't have him. Daddy's gone and you have to accept that."

"Daddy's never gone! And Raphy isn't imaginary, he's an angel, and I bet if you opened your heart you would get a sign from daddy that he's here!"

My wife walked over to Corynne and bent down to talk to her, but then I gave her happiness. All the sudden, Jennifer burst out into a fit of laughter all over the floor, giving all of us broad smiles.

"See, I told you he'd give you a sign."

"That wasn't a sign." My wife said as she stood herself up. "It was just uncontrollable laughter."

"Yeah, from daddy!" Corynne started to think. "Oh! I know! Go outside, go into the backyard!"

"No, I have to cook."

I looked at Raphael.

"If I touch her will she feel it?"

"I don't know, try it!"

"Come on mommy, go outside!"

Then, my daughter began to walk to my wife in order to pull her outside. And so, I just grabbed my wife's arm and pulled a bit. Immediately her expression changed as she looked at where my daughter was. A sudden sense of realization dawned upon her that I was indeed still there.

"Oh, goodness. Corynne, I felt him, I felt daddy."

"See! I told you that he was still here."

My wife then ran to my daughter and she held her close. And she cried, not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. Joy for the realization that she was not alone, and that I was still there. Raphael and I, now knowing that my wife was indeed helped, went to step outside. We walked through the door and saw the cool autumn evening.

"Time for me to go!"

"I don't want you to leave."

"Why not?!"

"Because, I was with Gabriel for so long, but you and Michael passed almost in the blink of an eye."

"That's good though!"

"But I'll never see you again."

"Don't say that! You have the rest of your life to live, and your dream afterlife is half-over. Soon the real work will have to begin!"

"Ok, so when will Barakiel get here?"

"Soon! And just so you know, you'll find John at a bondfire some ways away!"


I turned to yell at Raphael but, he had left. I had only assumed that he must've known that I would get angry, so he split. Regardless, I couldn't wait to get this over with, I wanted my family to be happy.

The End

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