Angels among us: Raphael

I wait, leaning over the railing, for Raphael. The next angel who is supposed to come and help me help my wife. Then, I hear the flapping of wings. I look around, then I feel a tapping on my shoulder. I turn around.


"Hello, you must be Raphael."

"Yes! That's me! I'm here to help you with your mommy!"


"Wow, what?!"

"Nothing, you're just so energergetic."

"As always!"

"Ok, so where do we go?"

"To her house!"


"Like this!"

Raphael then pulls me tight to his chest, he then transports us to her house. He lets me go and allows me to find my wife, I see her.

"So, how am I supposed to help her this time?"

"I don't know!"

The End

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