Angels among us: Michael

I decided to sit down on the stairs to my house and wait for Michael, the next angel that was supposed to come. I waited a bit, and then I checked my watch. Curiously enough, it said 11:28 even though the skies above told me that it was much more earlier than that. It then hit me that I had died, and that the watch probably froze at the time of my death. How interesting.

Then, I heard a noise. Much like the flapping of wings, but large ones. I decided that Michael must be here, so I stood up and walked away from the stairs, trying to see Michael. And, as I was walking backwards trying to see the top of my house I bumped into something. My immediate thought was a person, but then I remembered. I'm dead, I don't bump into things. I swiveled around and saw a mighty being, standing with two wings, a bright halo, and a sword by his side.

"Hello. You must be Michael."

"Yes, indeed I am. I am here, as you probably know by now, to help you help your mother. Shall we go to her place?"

"Indeed, you do know where she lives right?"

"I know much."

"I'll take that as a yes."

As a result of the previous conversation, Michael grabbed me held me tight and flew. Now, with Gabriel I was only transported from place to place; but here with Michael 40 or 50 feet in the air, things where quite scary. He held me tight, and I did not doubt his grip, but it was his wings I doubted.

Finnally, as if the flight would never end, we landed infront of an apartment building. He let go of me and we walked through the door, litterally. We continued up the stairs to the third floor and proceeded to walk to room 305. We made it, and walked through the door.

My first thought upon entering the apartment building was that some giant dog had ruined the place. I looked about for my mom. I turned a corner and low and behold there was one light on, in her room.

Michael and I walked to her room and walked into it. To see her holding a teddy bear I used to have and crying into it. Her tears reminded me of my family. I turned around and left the room. I proceeded to walk down the hall and sit on the couch. Michael appeared infront of me.

"Excuse me, what do you think you're doing."

"I am not helping her untill she stops crying. I had this same thing with Gabriel."

"Well, it was very unprofessional of Gabriel to let you leave them during a time of crisis, I will not let you abandon your mother!"

"I am not abandoning her! I just can't stand to see her cry! How can I help her when I am crying, when I need the words of wisdom? How?"

Michael turned around and looked outside through a window.

"It is not for us to know God's plan."

"Screw the plan, I'm waiting 'till she's done."

Michael twirled around and looked at me with a searing hot gaze.

"You will not say such blasephemy in my presence!"

And upon saying so, he dissappeared.

"Damn!" I said to myself. "I drove an angel away."

I shrugged and figured he'd get over it. And so I preceeded to sit on the couch, waiting for my mother to stop crying.

The End

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