Angels among us: Chapter 4: Corynne

Chapter 4: Corynne

I stood there, in my daughter's room, with an angel by my side. Bewilderment paints my face as I look about. I move toward her bed and try to pick up one of her teddy bears only to find my hand move right through it. Just then, my daughter walks in.


“It's Gabriel, and hello Corynne.”

I sit bewildered to see my daughter talking to the angel.

“Guess what Gabby! I drew a picture, do you wanna see?”

“Yes, but-”

He didn't get to finish that sentence as my daughter rushed to the kitchen. She came back shortly with a picture.

“This is me,” she says as she points to herself. “This is Johnny, this is mommy and this is daddy.”

“Well, Corynne, that's very nice but I have something bad I must tell you.”

I notice the doorbell ringing. I look out my daughter's door to see the front door and I watch as my wife, Jennifer, opens it. On the other side is a police officer.

“Gabby, what do you want to say?” My daughter asks.

And then, with me hearing both conversations I hear the words at the same time. The angel and the police officer say the same thing, at the same time.

“Your husband/daddy was shot today during a bank robbery, but he died trying to save the lives of the hostages inside, and he succeeded in death.”

Then, also with perfect synchronicity, both my daughter and my wife shout no at the top of their voices, and they fall to their knees, and cry. Then, my daughter ran to my wife, and the angel moved to my side.

“Your son will find out when he comes upstairs for lunch, and your mother will find out over the phone. It's not usually done but we ask you to help us help your family.” I nod, but really my mind is elsewhere, hoping that this was just a dream, and not the horrific reality I see before me. “Great, we'll start with your daughter, Corynne.”

The End

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