Angels among us

A man dies and four angels help him patch up the lives of his daughter, his son, his wife, and his mother. But, he cannot interfere physically. Can he save his family using only signs and whispers?

Chapter 1: Family

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm sounds a rude noise throughout the house. All who hear it jump to call, the one nearest is to turn it off. This time, the alarm is with Terrance, the father of this family. He rolls over to see the time.

“Six o’clock,” he mutters to himself. “Work always has to be at seven o’clock, and I always have to wake up at six.” To this his wife groans.

“Just, shut off the damn alarm. I’m trying to dream here.”

Reluctantly, he pushes the button to turn off the pulsating sound, it stops. He sticks his feet out from under the pattern quilt that his mother made him last Christmas, and sit on the side of his bed. His wife, sound asleep already.

“Lucky, you get another half hour.”

He stood up, his t-shirt and boxers as his pyjamas. He walks over to the closet and picks out an outfit for work today. His light brown hair, cut short, is quite messy. His blue eyes seemed to look through the wall, to some distant future.

“What would they like to me wear today at the bank?” The rhetorical question was asked to no one imparticular.

After about fifteen minutes of looking through his wardrobe he finally sees something that looks good. A mahogany brown suit, complete with a blue undershirt and a tie with dark and light shades of blue creating a pattern.

He grabs it off the hook and begins to change. When he is done, he looks at the clock. 6:27, the clock blares in dull red runic numbers. Knowing this he walks down the hall to his kitchen, there he makes the coffee and makes breakfast for the kids.

I don’t know why they like it soggy.

After this, he puts toast in the toaster. He turns about-face to get the plate when the alarm goes off. Jennifer is now awake. He continues to get the plate, and puts it next to the toaster. The alarm is suddenly turned off. The toaster then pops, and he puts the pieces on his plate, then after spreading butter upon them, he sits down at the table to eat.

Jennifer then comes in, grabs a cup from the cupboard and pours herself a cup of coffee. Her beautiful ragged red hair frames her lovely skin. Her glasses frame her beautiful green eyes. And she is wearing a pink shirt that hung low, with a white dress shirt around it. Her blue jeans, slightly wrinkled, look stunning as they caress her. He then looks at the clock, 6:48.

“Honey, what’s the date today?”

She looks at Terrance for a moment while thinking, then she opens her mouth but closes it again.

“I think it’s the eighth.”

They both let this statement hang in the air for a moment before they both realize.


They begin to rush. Jennifer went to wake up Corynne, their daughter, while Terrance went to wake up John, their son.

Jennifer walked down the hall and knocked three times before entering. She walked inside a room that looked like the color pink had exploded everywhere. There was pink wallpaper, pink painted shelves, and pink teddy bears were strung throughout the room. And, at the corner across from the door was sleeping a young girl, with curly blond hair, blue eyes hidden behind closes eyelids. Corynne was only about eight, and she still had imaginary friends. Jennifer was beginning to worry.

“Corynne, honey, you need to wake up.”

She said as she sat on the edge of the bed, and began to slightly push Corynne back and forth.

“Corynne, wake up.” She then saw Corynne smile, and then quickly try to hide her smile. “Corynne, if you don’t wake up, you’ll get a visit from the tickle monster. Do you want the tickle monster to get you?”

At this Jennifer began lightly moving her fingers on and off of her daughter. Corynne began to laugh, and she stood up, she was awake now.

Meanwhile, Terrance went down the steps to the basement to wake up his son. He turned on lights as he went and finally got to his sons room. He knocked, after there was no answer, he knocked again.

“John, wake up!” He yelled into the room.

“I’m up dad!” A voice called from the room.

Terrance then walked back upstairs. When he walked back upstairs, he noticed Jennifer carrying Corynne over her shoulder. He simply shook his head and walked back to his breakfast. He walked into the kitchen and looked at the clock, 6:53.

Darn, I got to go to work.

“Hey, Jen, I’m sorry I got to go to work.”

She nodded and put Corynne down. Then she threw me the keys. I caught them and walked to the door. I opened the door to the closet and pulled out my brown jacket. After putting it on I put on my shoes. I opened the door and walked out.

I looked to the sky and saw the clouds darkening, almost as if they were crying for someone’s funeral. I walked quickly to my car, opened the door, stepped in and put the keys into the ignition. I started the car, backed out of the driveway, and sped to my job: the bank.

The End

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