I recently won a competition in Soul & Spirit magazine.  The prize was a course at a psychic retreat.  I chose the Angels one. 

 Although I have yet to connect with my guardian angel, I did have an interesting experience while I was there.  We were practicing reading the angel cards and I was paired up with a very bubbly lady of West Indian extraction called Dolores.  She said ‘I can hear someone singing ‘In the Navy’.  I told her my late dad was in the Merchant Navy during the war. When we told Anne, she said to ignore the cards and go for the medium ship.   Dad told her many things which left me in no doubt that it was Dad.  He described his sister’s place in Cornwall and he kept trying to give Dolores lots of old pennies.  I explained that Stuart had lots of old pennies for his old-fashioned slot machines.  Dad said to Dolores, pointing in Stuart’s direction, ‘he’s a good ‘un. He also said he was proud of me and that he was glad that I was happy.  Then Dolores asked me how many grandchildren I had.  I only have three but he was showing her another one that wasn’t here.  She said it belonged with the other three, and then I remembered that my daughter lost a baby at six weeks in between her first and second son. Unfortunately she couldn’t tell me the sex of the lost baby.  Then Dolores asked if blue and white meant anything to me.  I mistakenly thought that he was referring to his parent’s repro willow pattern tea set.  Until she said she was hearing the tune yellow submarine.  Then the penny dropped, all our family are Sheffield Wednesday supporters.  Their colours are blue and white and we used to sing ‘We all live in a blue and white sock’ to the tune of Yellow Submarine.  This was quite significant as he met Mam at one of their away football matches.  So I wouldn’t be here otherwise.

 But the main thing was he told her my spine was out of alignment.  I was having an Aromatherapy massage next day and I mentioned to Georgina who was doing the massage what dad had said.  She found out that my spine at the top and bottom is curving to the right. 

I was telling Mam about it and she was saying how his mother spoilt him when he lived at home, polishing his shoes, etc.  Well, she told him he would have to polish his own shoes when they were married.  And Dolores had told me he was showing her some shoes that needn’t polishing which didn’t make sense to me then but of course it does now.

The End

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