"Okay everybody we have a new student In  Class Shes A Year Under Us But Is In  A Advanced Placement This Year you can see her sitting at the back."

30 pairs of eyes turned towards me great im gonna stick out now all im going to think is that when i get home everything will be fine.

"Since shes new Ton This Class Danny  You Can Show Her Where The Designated Pigeon Holes For Certain Stationary  the bells gonna go so bye and See You Tomorow Anya"

"Hi im Danny and your names.........Anya how are u your 17 aren't you im 18 you must be smart to be moved up a year"

"Im quite smart thnx"

"Awesome This Isnt Awkward I Mean Its Pretty Obvious Where Things Are Unless Ur Blind Or Have Certain Mental Problems Like Been In A Instituton And Stuff Im Babbling I Do That When Im Bored"

"Yh i Can Tell" She Called As She Walked Away I Faintly Heard Her Whisper "Weirdo"

The End

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