What Is Your Name?Mature

I woke up the next morning to the amazing chirp of bluebirds. I wasn't even groggy. I actually wanted to go to my class in the morning. "Ryan are you awake yet?"

"I am now. What's up dude?"

"I saw this amazing guy modeling in the fashion show. I think he is the one." I don't know where that statement came from. I actually had to ask Ryan if I had really said that.

"Wait a minute, bro. I thought you were straight."

"Well I am...but I can just feel it. And my grandmother always told me to give all types of love a chance. ALL love. Man, woman, or transgender. So i guess you could say I am a groomed pansexual."

"So you are more tied to emotions, not sexual identity? Well, to put a wrench in that, you never met the guy before, you don't know if he is gay/straight/bisexual, and he isn't even in your modeling class."

"How do you know that?"

"You said his name was Delorobia right?"


"Okay, some girls were talking about him yesterday while I was walking to class. I couldn't help but hear every word, they were chirping loud and clear. He is in the Fashion Design department. They were giggling about how hot he was, dude. They said something about being happy that he agreed to enter the fashion show for them."

Fashion Design. "Well today I am going to figure out if he is into me. I am going to ask him out for coffee and sweets."

"That sounds so girly, bro."

"Whatever." I flew through my morning routine and ran out in a simple purple graffiti tee, black skinny jeans, and my fave black shoes.

I got to the campus and went straight to the Fashion Design studio to see if Delorobia was there. He wasn't. So I wrote him a letter telling him to meet me at the giant oak tree by the college cafe. "Hey, does anyone here know where Delorobia sits?"

"I sit right next to him. Why?" A cute girl with glasses on, walked up to me with a smile on her face. "Are you a secret admirer or something?" She had a sweet voice, so melodic. "My name is Aria, nice to meet you." Nicely named after an operatic musical section.

"You could say I am a secret admirer. I just need to make sure this letter gets to Delorobia. Can you make sure that happens?"

"Sure, anything for love." So sweet.

"Just put it in a place where he can find it. Okay?"

"Got it."

So I went to my class, but all I could think about was meeting him face to face. My class let out early so I had time to go to the restroom and freshen up. I checked my hair (not a single hair out of place), I looked over my appearance (and saw no flaws), and I even tested out some material (maybe I should just talk to him).

I walked out to the oak tree and saw him standing there sketching a picture of the tree. He looked so peaceful. Almost like he was in a trance. I still had plenty of time to chicken out and run away, but that is not how I roll. I walked to his side and cleared my throat. "Hello. I am so glad to see you came. My name is James Walker..." I got lost in his eyes. My words trailed off. They are so deep. Endless even. I think he had to snap me out of my trance.

"Hey are you okay, uh, James?"

"Yeah." I had to shake myself to completely clear the trance. "I was wondering if you wanted to accompany me to this coffee shop down the street. They have the best cakes and cookies, and their coffee isn't half bad either." I think I nailed that one.

"Are you the one that left me this note?"

"Yes. I just wanted to invite you to coffee and snacks." He looks embarrassed.

"I guess."

"By the way, what is your first name?"

The End

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