The First SightingMature

Warning: This is a story on homosexual love. If this sort of thing offends you I do not advise reading.

My name is James Walker age 20. This is the story of how I met my boyfriend and our difficulties in our relationship up to this point.

The First Sighting

I woke up like any normal human being, groggy and irritable. I am not a morning person, but I have to get ready for my classes in the morning. I attend St. Lori's School of the Modeling Arts. I love it, but I hate waking up in the morning for my classes.

"Dude If you miss this class, the professor is going to lose it." That is my roommate Ryan Dilan. He is a football player, with a big build. His hair is an auburn color and he has two different color eyes, the left one is green and the right is brown. He doesn't like them all that much, so usually he is wearing some shades of some sort to hide them. He is shorter than me by 9", and I am 6' 9", but he is also much stronger than I. I love playing sports like him, but I hate joining teams, go figure.

"Okay. Is there any coffee in the pot?" I don't remember what went on in my life to make me crave it, but for the last two years I couldn't get ready in the morning without the stuff.

"Always." My savior.

I rolled out of bed and somehow found the energy to walk into the kitchen for some coffee. "I have so much to do before I go to class. I have to put my hair up, wash my face, pick out my clothes, and brush my teeth. I should wake up earlier."

"We both know that is never going to happen." So true.

"Well can you help me out then? I will give you a chance to pick out my outfit for today while I jump in the shower. I have to model my best outfit today, and I don't want to disappoint." Why did I do that again? Maybe I was desperate. I lunged into the shower and used my rose scented shower gel to cleanse myself. I shampooed my hair and conditioned it with my peppermint product. I love that stuff.

"I got your clothes. Dude I think I killed it." Really. I need to look good, not like a hobo, Ryan.

"Okay." I stepped out of the shower and looked into the mirror to style my hair. I put my long blonde hair into a doughnut bun and sprayed it with peppermint oil conditioner. I brushed my teeth and turned to my outfit, and to my amazement, it looked great. Ryan set out a Bumble bee graphic tee that said "BUZZ OFF" and my yellow skinny jeans. He draped my yellow and black striped scarf and my favorite black shoes. I love simplicity. "I am impressed. You did a great job." Yellow always seems to bring out the deep emerald of my eyes.

"Thank you."

I got dressed and went to my class. We were all seated around the catwalk for our modeling project.

"Good morning class. Today I asked you to come in your best clothing to show off your modeling skills. We will start off with James and move up in reverse alphabetical order." My modeling professor is an old man. But somehow, for being in his 60's, he still looked like a model.

I approached the runway and executed my best walk. I think I killed it. I heard people saying thing like "I would wear that." or "That is cute."

"Next is Damien Walis." He was good. I would have worn his clothes.

"Wadlie." She had on a nice cocktail dress.

"Turner." She wore an evening gown, of all things.

"Romero." After him the next like five or six were uninteresting, so I won't mention them.

"Delorobia." That is when I saw him for the first time. He was my height but a little skinnier. His eyes were like Ryan's,but his left one was red, and his right was white. They were amazing. I didn't even know his first name, but I had fallen for him just the same. His outfit was pure white from head to toe. A V-neck t-shirt, white jeans, a pearl bracelet, and white shoes. (how did he even keep those clean). Even the hair on his head was pure white. I don't think I have ever seen anyone like him before, and I am certain I have never seen anyone like him since. So amazing.

The End

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