Angelic Lighting

I lazily turned around,

Bringing my eyes up

I saw a golden light

Shine down upon your face.


I stopped and stared.


My heart sped up

My lips turning up into a smile.

A blush across my face.


The rays of the sun resting gently

on your skin.

Making you more beautiful

Than I could ever imagine.


You looked like an angel.


A feeling creeping into my heart,

I don't know what it was.

I had never felt this way before.


Thoughts of pure happiness

Swiftly filling up my mind.


It all only lasted for a second.

But this image of you will forever be mine.


I felt sadden that this had ended

This feeling incomprehensible.


And this image only lasted for a second.


I wish I could have admired you more.

I wish I hadn't returned to reality.

I wish it had been only you and me.


I wanted that moment to last longer.

I wanted to see every detail.

I wanted to ingrain it into my memory.


And this image had lasted only a moment.

The End

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