Vampire's fireMature

I watched the angel fall, a smile spreading on my lips. This was a big step for us. Even if we did lose this battle, we would win this war.

The call for retreat had made me angry, but I knew we couldn't afford to loose more of our numbers than we had. I ran beside my brothers, wishing i could turn back and finish off the weakened clan. I felt my fire burn, hungry to destroy this home. I loved the battle, the blood shed.

I prayed the girl was dead. We didn't need anymore of those meddlesome angels around. The ones we had were enough. It was foolish of them to let there only female fight.  Down right stupid.

The boy that had hit her was being treated as a hero. That was uncalled for. I had cleared the path to her for my own kill, that was my fight he had stolen.

I was one of the few females they put into battle anymore, not that it mattered. They just didn't make females anymore. We were just as strong as the males.

"Arisa!" I heard my name and turned. They were heading in a different direction from the one we had taken so many times before. What was going on?

The End

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