A Small Battle In a Big WarMature

I grabbed my weapon and ran out the door. Other angels had already come out and the vampires were already in sight.

i braced myself as i saw a vampire make way to me. he was about my age. 16. he seemed skilled to have made it past all the other more experienced angels, but he was still a vampire. he was still an enemy.

he ran up to me and stopped suddenly. he gave me a curious smile and took his stance. "so, the holly angels dare put their last female angel in battle? interesting"

i ruffled my feathers in annoyence. i was the last one to carry out the legacy of my fathjer and his ancestors... "more the reason to stay alive and put you muts in your place." i said spreading my wings to their full length (yes, we do have wings, but no halo)

"we'll see about that," he said as he came at me with blinding speed, but i was just as fast. he lungeed at me with his dagger that barley grazed my skin. i didnt want to take any risks of getting cut so i took flight. i was way faster with my wings than on my feet.

i flew about 10 feet above the ground and then dived down to my opponent and aimed a swing at this arm, but he countered with his own attack. at this point, i was fovering above the ground, managing to keep up with his attacks, but then i saw my father... and i hesitated. in that split second of hesitation, the vampire boy made his moove and managed a cut on my arm.

i saw angels swarm around me to protect me but my father kept him back. "this is her fight!" i heard him command, and just like that, everyone flew away in search of angels in need. 

i focused on my task now, knowing my father was watching gave me enough courage to ignore the pain.

i flew at the vampire with speed i never thought i had. catching him off guard our weapons met only inches away from his face. we came at each other again and again, but it seemed like we were evenly matched.

suddenly, i heard a command from far away calling "retreat!" and i knew we had won, but the vampire boy just stood there, still wanting to fight. turning to see everyone go bak to their homes i was releaved.

then i heard one last cry from behind me... and then a shiny sharp object come at me, and then. nothing.

The End

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