First BornMature

I stayed there, as silent as i could waiting for my chance. for me, this was just a test, but it i treated it like one of the many battles my father had told me about when i was little.

still crouched down, i watched my opponent come to me, and when the time was right, i would spring out and attack with deadly precision. there was nothing that could stop me right now. my entire concentration was on this one test, and yet i found myself thinking about other things, like how beautiful the forest i was in was, and how the animals in the forest seemed to not even notice our presense, but that one slip up was enough to give away my position.

i stepped closer to my opponent, but that was a mistake. right as i got into my stance, some leaves shifted and that was just enough to put me in a bad position. now that the boy knew where i was, i decided that i had nothing to loose.

i sprung out at him but he was suprprisingly caught off guard! i took that to my advantage and pushed the weapon they gave us for tests hard enough into his back that he knew i had just killed him.

he did his part as the loosing challenger and fell to the ground, and that was it. i had passed my test. it had taken longer than i had thought but i did it as best as i could. my next task was simple. to get my fathers approval and praise.

as soon as the boy fell, a flock of 6 angels came down to tell me how i did but i just smiled and shook my head. "thank you," i said after every compliment and praise.

i searched from the 6 to find my father in the crowd. surly he couldnt have missed it? then, in the very back, i saw him. my face lit with joy to see that he was there to see me and my first test, and his face was lt with pride. just like every fathers face would have been.

the other angels parted so i could run into his open arms. "you were amazing." he said. i could feel a smile form on everyones faces. seeing daughter and father unite as one in happiness. "thank you father."

"your mother would have been proud." he said looking down at me.


in my clan there have been very few women born. there has always been a small women count, but now? well, now i was the last generation of royal women.

the bloodlines of angels have been named from the when gabriel and michael were alive. the two main royal blood lines. i am the last frmale in the gabriel bloodline, but there have been whispers here and there that the michael blood line has just had an outbreak of girls being born.

nevertheless, i am treated like every other angel. going through the same training, the same work, and the same responsibilities. my father is atlis. he is in charge of all armies in battle and is probably the most respected. 

!eing the daughter of such a noble family has its perks. sometimes i get fed better, or only have to do the dishes once as week, but i--

"vampire attack!" someone screamed as he ran across the village.

there was no panic though. everyone knew wat to do because this happened quiet a lot. everyone stayed in their tents as all the other angels kissed their loved ones hoping to see them again.

"daddy!" i screamed picking up my dagger.

"tiffany," he said in a calm tone, but his face was pained. "are u up for this?" he asked.

"yes," i said determined to fight for not only my family and friends, but everyone else.

The End

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