Angel x VampireMature

When the world comes to an end, angels from above come to help humans. But little did they know that there was another force that awaited them. A secret vampire society arose from the shadows and a the two races clashed.

atlis gabriel

there was nothing that couldve been done. the out come was enevetabe. then, from the tent, there was a loud cry of agony soon folowed by a fragile cry. i slowly walked in, only to see a small bundle in our last females arms. at that point, the burden seemed too heavy for the woman to carry.

"serena!" i cried, knowing clearly what was happening. i ran to my wifes side while she tried her best to smile and pull through this crutial stage women went through as a part of our angel clan.

"its a girl," she whispered.

"yes, and she is beautiful." i said, trying my best to hold back tears that were already startingto fall. "what do you want to name her? anything you want?" 

"tiffany," she said, her breathing getting harder.

"tiffany. that is abeautiful name!" i kissed her foreheadand gingerly touched my daughters head.

"atlis."another voice called from behind.

"please. just onemore minute," i begged not letting myeyes leave my wife and child.

 "sir," i turned only tosee my leutenant waiting with an object in his hand. "the longer we waitthe more pain shell be in."

there was a long silence before i finally took my daughter and laid her in her bad then turnedto lift up the lover of my life out of her blood soaked bed.

she was now only 90 pounds and loosing weight fast. her brown hair swayed in the wind as i stepped outside of our small tent.

i walked a little farther out from our small village and laid her fragile body down as i gave her ont final kiss.

i was handed the weapon in which i had to kill my own wife with. a dagger that had the inly element that could kill both vampired and angels. darkness.

as i knelt down right as she closed her eyes, and i stabbed her in the heart where i knew there would be the least pain.

then, just like when every other angel dies, her soul died and then her body disappeared in light, but before she left, wings  of black spread. each 10 feet wide. that was the last mark of our last female, but then again, there was another cild that was born. another heir to the long legacy of royalty. my daughter. tiffany.

The End

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