An angel sent, and a war on Earth.

He looked down upon me as I stood on the solid earth. I hadn't felt earth like that beneath my feet for centuries, and He knew it too. Condescendingly, he gazed down at me and all around me as he sat way up high above. Tears filled my crystal-clear eyes and I looked down shamefully at the planet that was to be my home until He was ready to forgive me. I knew he would never forget what I did, but He could forgive me. I just hoped it was soon, for my sake.

Without a word, He left. He floated back to where we came from and left me alone on the dusty ground, with no way to get home before He came to get me. The tears fell. Beautiful drops of clear liquid fell quickly and I stood unsure of what to do next, wiping the tears away.

In my right hand, a gun. In my left, my halo. He had forced me to remove my halo as I was put on this planet I was so unaccustomed to. This planet. I hadn't set foot here for a millennium. It felt so different to me. The ground was rougher, the air less clear.

However, I had been watching this planet and it's peoples for many years, and I knew the advances that had been made and what was going on in the world. Most importantly, as of late a war had begun. A war that had torn apart families, countries, everyone. I couldn't remember how it had started, or when it had started, but it was in full swing now. Humans were on the front lines, ready to murder one another for some forgotten reason. Wives were back home with their children, wishing the war to end and their husbands to come home at last.

This was it, my punishment. Take part in the war of Earth. To do what is 'right'. What was 'right' though? He hadn't told me.

The gun was heavy in my right hand, but my grip on it was fierce. I needed it, apparently, if I was to fight in a war...

Carefully and reluctantly,Iplaced my halo, still glowing with a faint light, into my small brown bag which hung loosely over my shoulder. I looked down at myself, the stupid Earth clothes adorned my thin frame.

Averting my eyes to the surroundings, I saw nothing but sand and dirt. My instincts told me which way to go, so I set off in the direction of the setting sun.

The End

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