Lumiel looks down off the edge of the building to the crowd below. The humans didn't notice their sins floating around them like bloated ghosts, or the auras of the possessed. Most of them didn't even know if they were possessed. Their dulled senses couldn't compete with the vision or hearing of Demons, let alone Lumiel's. But there was something, something about being human and alive, having blood pump thourgh your veins that was irresistable.

Once upon a time, Lumiel had taken human form. The shallowness and petty cruelty of the human world had shocked her, and at the same time seduced her. It was like being on a permanent high. Lumiel had even fallen in love with a human boy. She had eaten his soul when she had left her human life. All of that was of little consequence now. All that mattered was freedom.

Lumiel jumped down into the crowd of humans, moving towards a shaded table to the east. The demon, Mephistopheles, waiting under the umbrella's shade waved and pointed towards an alley. Lumiel followed the demon into the alleyway and stood 10 feet away from Mephistopheles.

"So," Lumiel asked, "Do you have any information for me?"

"Yes, Lucifer"

Lumiel winced at the mention of her Demonic name.

"But not here, you are being followed," Mephistopheles warned, "take one of the alleyways and meet me later."

The demon pointed down the alleyway. There were three alleyways separating off, one going forward, one going left and one going right.

Which way does Lumiel go?

The End

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