Maternity Memories

So small.... so... fragile

Almost, if not more fragile than he looked

At the hospital

The first time



A little girl, sitting in the waiting room of the hospital, impatiently, her fingers nervously rubbing against each other, her bright eyes darting to the maternity door now and then, waiting for someone to beckon her and tell her about her new younger brother. She waited for a long time, and then upon hearing the doors swing open, a tall figure emerged slowly, dejectedly in his blue eyes replaced by a deep sorrow, the slump in his tall frame. Alarmed the girl leapt off her chair and ran over to her farther “Daddy”.

Dull, glistening blue eyes rose, settling on his little girl. She paused watching in horror as a single jewelled tear trailed down his face. He dropped on his knees and opened his arms out, almost instantly she was tightly in his arms. And that is when the tears started. “Where is mummy? Where is my little brother?” she whispered, tugging on her father’s long jacket. She watched anxiously as he took breath, “Your brother is fine” he told her “But mummy-” he choked on a silent sob “-we lost mummy, Aiko she- she died, my little one” His grip on her tightened as her farther broke down in tears. The little girl looked at her farther in pure horror and disbelief. “No, she can’t be NO!” the little girl pried herself from her father’s grip and darted to the maternity room.

The doors of the maternity ward bursted open, “Mummy!” the little girl shouted as she saw her mother asleep on the bed, the room was almost silent, the only think breaking the calmness was a baby’s cry, her brothers cry. “No” the little girl muttered to herself as she slowly, ever so slowly walked to the bed were her mother laid. “Mummy please wake up please” the little girl begged, but no reply. Tears fell from her face onto her mother’s pale, ice cold cheeks.

Suddenly the door opened again and warm, soft hands were placed on her shoulders. “Sweetie she isn’t coming back, she is gone with the angels” whispered her father. The little girl turned to her farther “Daddy I miss her” the little girl cried as she hugged her father, “I know sweetie, I know, I miss her too, so much” the father softly replied to her.

Aiko’s father bent down to the same level as her and looked her in her eyes, her eyes filled with tears. “My precious Aiko.. it is up to you now, look after him sweetie, and sweetie tell him that me and your mother loves him so much” Eyes wide with confusion and horror. “D-Daddy N-Nothing is going to happen to you is it? You will be there to right? We will watch over him together won’t we Daddy! We will!”

In a flash the door bursted open again to show a young boy about seven or eight years of age. “What is it Kakashi? Father questioned softly “The nine tailed fox sir, he is coming to destroy the village” Kakashi explained. “Okay Kakashi I will be there in a moment” he explained to the boy, “Aiko never forget Mummy will always be with you in your heart, my love” he whispered playfully “Always remember that she loved you, she loved you so much sweetie, she will always love you and will always- always continue to watch over you.... both of you, forever and ever”.

If only she could have understood what he’d been trying to say.

If only she’d read between his words, and noticed that one vital word had been missing from what he said.

Both of you.

He hadn’t included


And then with that said he left the maternity ward “Be safe Daddy” the girl whispered.


You knew you were going to die

That’s why you told me to look after him, my precious Daddy.

She hadn’t noticed how long and how much her silent tears had been pouring. She was only aware, as she let herself draw closer to the sleeping bundle, of the wetness around the sheets where she lain her head. How soft and vulnerable he was.... how tender his skin looked, in this bathing moonlight. The strands of golden moved gently as she stroked his head.


Never again



The End

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