Midnight walk

He hadn’t been able to sleep for a long time. It wasn’t the fact they’d both turned in late, but that neither could seem to be able to keep away from the other for long.

Naruto would wander into his quiet bedroom to pick up his mission scrolls and clothes for tomorrow, then suddenly decided to run back to where Aiko was packing food into the fridge and cupboards, only to almost crash into her as she made her way to his bedroom, her arms full of newly washed and dried clothes, which she had also suddenly decided to fold while sitting on his bed. About close to midnight he sat up from his bed, unable to sleep, he staggered into the dark hallway and collided into a robed figure, who just entered from the second room and had also decided to go on a midnight walk of the small apartment, the figure grabbed his hand and lead him into the kitchen, she laughed softly at his nightcap. “Naruto-kun why are you still awake?” whispered Aiko “couldn’t sleep” Naruto gave a loud tired yawn. Aiko giggled at how cute he was being and went to the fridge and made a cup of warm milk for them both, while he seated himself at the table.

Even after she’d finally shooed him back after catching sight of the clock, and uttered furiously at herself for letting him stay up that late, he’d lain in his bed, listening to the sounds. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world- was this what his classmates went home to every night? The rustle of robes as she still moved about, washing up sounds, sweeping, a low sweet singing, the windows pulled shut and curtains drawn across shutting out the night for the precious warmth of companionship indoors.

Then she had quietly peeked into Naruto’s room, her long hair like a straight curtain as her head appeared behind his room door. He sat up eagerly only to be frowned upon as she came closer. “Aren’t you asleep yet? What will your teacher say if you turn up for your mission tomorrow with enormous black bags under your eyes?” He’d opened his mouth to answer when she shushed him. Gently leaning forwards, she started tucking him in, pulling the sheets around him arranging his pillows, all the time chattering away about how much trouble he was.

Then it seemed she paused while leaning over him, gazing deep into his eyes, then suddenly bent down and dropped a light kiss on his forehead. He gasped at her. It was the sort of thing he pictured his mother may have done to him when he was a little baby. It was the sort of thing that his classmates experienced every day, the love from a mother or an older sister.”See you in the morning my little sun”. Turning she made her way to the door. “Goodnight Aiko nee-chan” Naruto had whispered into the moonlight filled room.

But many hours passed before he finally did fall asleep. Aiko sat up on her bed for a long time, sleep refusing to come despite her tiredness, despite knowing that she’d have to turn up herself to the Shinobi Officers tomorrow to officially register. But her thoughts just swirled around, one leading to another thinking remembering. When she couldn’t sit still anymore, she quietly slid off the bed, her feet silent on the timber floor, peering into the dim room, the moon’s bright rays pouring generously onto the bed, the small form huddled beneath it.

She could only gaze at the curled up, helpless, adorable little form. She wasn’t aware of her feet, carrying her to the bed her knees slowly giving way to crumple up by his bedside, of her arms upon the side of the bed, her head resting in them as she continued, relentlessly, gazing at his face, feeling her hunger could never be appeased.

The End

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