Dinner Memories

Little blue eyes watched a tall beautiful woman move gracefully around the kitchen, humming a soft gentle song to herself and chatting joyfully to her little girl now and then. The little girl smiled happily as her mother was preparing dinner, when she grew up she was going to be as wonderful at cooking like her mother. “Aiko-chan” Big blue eyes gazed down at the little girl, the beautiful woman leaned down, hands resting on her knees, a huge beaming grin spread across her face. “Mummy’s almost finished the dinner; can you put out the chopsticks?”.Grinning in delight and completely thrilled to be able to help, Aiko leapt up from the table and pulled a stool to stand on she could reach the draws. She grabbed three pairs of chopsticks and carefully set them on the table, two big pairs for her parents and one tiny pair for herself.

Now the table was all set for dinner, but one person was missing. Daddy wasn’t home yet, Kushina looked at the clock at the same time taking off her apron and letting her long red hair down which was tied up in a ponytail.  She sighed slightly annoyed “Daddy’s late” the little child spoke annoyed and cutely folded her arms and frowned. Kushina couldn’t help but to giggle at the annoyed girl, she picked up a frying pan and began to wash it. Aiko watched her mother wash up.

I want to be as beautiful as Mummy one day

I want to be just as good at everything as she is

And if I ever become a Mummy, I want to be as wonderful as she is.

Suddenly both mother and daughter felt the tardy farther arrive outside the door. “Daddy’s home!” Delighted little feet scampered to the door and opened the door, a tall handsome figure walked in, his golden hair like a halo against the fading sunshine outside. A deep cheerful laugh as he saw his little princesses appear. The handsome man kneeled down and opened his arms; the little girl flew into his arms. Laughing again, he hugged her tightly and kissed her on the head.

“Aiko-hime, how was your day little angel?” The little girl looked up at her farther and gave a warm smile, “Daddy it was wonderful! How was yours?” The handsome young man lightly tapped his finger against the child’s tiny nose, “It was fine! Wonderful, but very, very tiring. And how is mummy? Is she looking as pretty as ever?” The little child giggled “Yes Daddy, Isn’t she always! But maybe you should know...” Her voice dropped into a whisper. Grinning at her he playfully tapped her little nose.

“Know what angel?” trying not to bust into giggles, the little girl pointed at the clock. Her father’s beautiful dancing bright eyes followed the direction, and suddenly paled. A sheepish look spread over his face as they unwittingly entered the kitchen, to be met by a beautiful young woman with a terrible glare on her face, hands on hips and looked completely menacing. Warily eyeing her, he gave his little girl another kiss, set her down and closed the door behind them, then almost looked pleadingly at his wife. One hand rose to rub the back of his head. “ Er......darling...I’m” He started “LATE!” He blinked even wolves couldn’t produce a snarling sound better than that.

She walked closer to the man, who took a step away and help his hands up. The little girl moved to her seat at the dinner table and watched the little show from a safe distance away, her hand clamped tightly over her mouth, trying to stop her giggling. “Dinner’s getting cold,” the young woman continued still advancing her retreating husband with what looked like a slightly murderous glint in her flashing blue eyes. “Do you know how long little angel and I have been waiting? You know we would never start eating without you....look at poor little angel” Gesturing without looking at the giggling Aiko, who didn’t look the least bit hungry at all.

“Kushina  please! Let me explain!” the man said as he scooted away rapidly, “Today was really busy and-and I got piled with paperwork that had to be finished before I left s-so I had to do them before I could come home. I am really sorry I am late coming home-oops!” He jumped as he felt the couch directly behind him and realized with a sinking feeling that there was no escape “ I am really am and I am sorry for letting dinner start to go cold. But honey please....could you....please....PUT DOWN THE FRYING PAN!”. He sank into a immediate crouch, covering his head.

Aiko stared at the vision of her mother standing, towering over her father, the frying pan positioned over his head. She beamed when the young women suddenly bent down and dropped a light kiss on the golden sunshine, then straightened a pretty smile on her lips.

A few seconds of silence passed, then his head rose slowly, a confused look graced his slender features, he rose and then chucked deeply, not only with delight but with relief as well. Her mother then joined in the laughter. The young woman put the frying pan away and pulled her husband to the table, seating him and announced “Let’s eat”.

Within seconds after much laughter

“Let’s eat!”

The End

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