A Brother Hug

Aiko released her grip of Naruto and drew back. Naruto felt the warmth abruptly leave, as he stared at her, but found that she’d completely turned her face away. Instead, she was walking towards the light in the other end of the room, the one nearest to the stove. “I er I was just wondering what to I mean I bought some things on the way here”.

Numbly he watched her as she lit the stove, went to some paper bags on the counter and started riffling through them, watched as she pulled out the cutting board and all the time, her hands were shaking, her voice was shuttering and she seemed to be avoiding his gaze. “So I’ll just put them together and it’ll take a few, so if you want to have a sh-shower and come it’ll- it’ll be ready”.

Naruto stood quietly watching her for a minuite. But as she went about his small kitchen, using this saucepan, that cutting-board, this knife, that slicer, emptying some packets into the pan, others into the bin, he felt another strange yet beautiful sensation. It was something that he couldn’t describe.

“Um nee-chan” Aiko forze again then turned again before her throat had another chance to close up “yes my little sun?” Naruto blinked at how affectionate she was being to him, then grinned shyly “Are-Are you sure it’s alright for you to I mean, since you’re the new one here, I should be the one cooking” Aiko watched in delight as the boy’s handsome face changed as he fought shyness, frowning as he thought, looked confused, then bewildered, then puzzled. Without even thinking, she stepped forward and gently pressed her finger against his small nose “well my little sun what would you be making if you cooked?”.

Naruto blinked, his hand stopped rubbing his head. He now looked “Er I only know how to make one thing” spreading his arms out wide like a bird, he grinned cheekily “Raman”. Aiko gave a light giggle at the hyperactive boy “well Naruto-kun as of this particular moment, I only know how to make one thing as well. So since we are agreed on that it wouldn’t really matter who makes it huh?”. This time Naruto froze, hands in mid-air. He blinked

In the next second, Aiko gasped in suprise as she found herself in a Naruto style hug, and this had none of the fearful, hesitant but still a warm hug she had given him. This one was full of joy, of happiness and of pure raw pleasure. It was a breath taking, a warm embrace that reflected this boy himself a cuddle of pure sunshine. “It’s wonderful that you love raman nee-chan” Before she could give a proper reply, he was off, skidding back to the doorway “I’ll be as quick as I can one-chan” He called before disappearing from view.

Aiko continued to make dinner, her eyes were watering from a steady stream of tears for her to notice what she was doing. It seemed even more of a haze when a small golden tornado swept into the kitchen. Scrambling happily into his seat, his mouth chattering excitedly. But Aiko could only see his lips moving, her eyes saw the beautiful brightness of his eyes the delight.

The End

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