The Window of Beginning

Naruto sandals scuffed on the ground, sending up small clouds of dust that went swirling away into the street. Voices of children chattering loudly filled the streets, answering their mothers call for dinner, the sound of shop doors being slid shut and locked up for the night, shop-owners giving their windows a last  clean and disappearing into the dark interiors to finish up inside.

The warm glow signalling the beginning of the evening stretched upon the village of Konoha. No one paid any attention to the tired young boy, and the boy never paid any attention to the cruel villages. Naruto’s heart was now beginning to be sore as he watched children rushing to their mothers and older siblings. Naruto stopped and looked down at the dusty road, he was always jealous of the children who had someone who cared about them. He knew that he would be alone for the rest of his life, sure he had Kakashi, Sakura and Saskue, but it would never compare to the warmth of a mother or older sibling. He gave a heavy sigh and continued to walk to his lonely apartment, “not like I have anything else to do, anyone else to be with”.

Naruto slipped his hand into his pocket for his keys. Suddenly he froze a few steps before his door, one hand still in his pocket. His empty pocket, eyes widened in shock as he desperately searched his other pockets, his jacket pockets. After a few minutes of scrambling through his pockets, his body sages as he stared at his now giant, forbidden door which refused him entry.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and looked at his windows desperately looking for a entry. After moments of looking his gaze fell upon the tiny opening in the kitchen window. He grunted annoyed as he tried to shift the catch of the window, trying to input enough strength to move it, not bend or break it. He didn’t want to be back in the social office, trying to explain away why he had a broken metal catch this time, as opposed to the entire smashed window last time, and that he was quite sorry he couldn’t pay for it right now.


Triumphantly, Naruto pushed open the window inwards a bit wider, then leapt lightly onto the window ledge, balancing wildly before managing to slide his feet easily through the opening. The sudden change from the bright light outside to the darkness within made him blink rapidly, forcing his eyes to adjust as he stumbled.

“Ouch!” Naruto didn’t see what he’d tripped over, but he only had time to know it was something very strange, and something that shouldn’t be there- a suitcase! Before he felt a second presence. Naruto barely had enough time to fight back before he gasped and found himself pinned face- first against the wall, his cheek pressed almost painfully against the wall.

Naruto heard a startled gasp from the person behind him. Before he could comprehend what happened, he was abruptly released and spun around, his back to the wall and groaned in pain and confused as his body caught up to his attacker’s swift movement, he slid down into a crumpled heap the bruises and muscle spasms from his afternoon training catching up and complaining loudly.

He only vaguely felt that sudden soft cold fingers on his face, slender fingers that trembled and a continual sobbing. Blinking again, he was getting ready to resort furiously and was opening his house when he caught sight of his attacker. His mouth froze. His eyes widened a woman, a young women long, golden hair sort of like his own large bright blue eyes also title his own. Crouched before him it was obvious she just had a shower, and had slipped on a bathrobe before she had sensed his entrance. Her eyes widened a mixture of horror, of surprise, of alarm and something else, something he was puzzled about.

The End

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