Fathers Footsteps

The firm sentence had been finished with softness and determination, the voice with all the strength of the young women behind her.

Tsunade stepped into the light for the first time, stepped up behind the little girl who now had her head bowed, ragged strands of dirty golden hair falling across her face. The official stared a little when he recognised who the young women was, but Tsunade was already leaning over, placing her hands on the little girl’s thin, slender shoulders.

“Keep the key, and the apartment that belong to it, safe for the owner when he claims it. He is only small now, but” Tsunade raised her eyes beautiful brown eyes “but that will be the place he will be waiting until he is found fain, until he is claimed by the only one in the world he belongs to now”.

The young women’s slender fingers gently shifted on the girls shoulders, directing her away from, the enormous desk and the confused official.

Keep him safe, until she returns

Until she returns

Tsunade quietly watched the emotions that were raging throughout the young women. Watching the way her eyes were now gazing into nothing, the ways she clasped the pen, the tense grip of her hand. Blinking Aiko came out of her trance. Her fingers slowly slid off the sheet on the desk as Tsunade quietly collected them into a bundle and walked away, examining them for the entries and the signature.  

“I think they had a training session earlier this afternoon. Usually they train in the field. Your brother has certainly has grown stronger, he has already mastered one of his fathers jutsu, it was the rasengan” Tsunade explained to Aiko gently, “he certainly does follow in dad’s footsteps” Aiko smiled proudly.

Tsunade pulled out an official seal, she brought out a red ink pad, and stamped it on a final document, which she now slid to Aiko. “Take this to the man on the very left of the entrance, then take your things to the apartment”. There was a stunned, tense moment before the words sunk in. Aiko reached out for the document, and although large blue eyes failed to meet hers. Tsunade could feel the hesitation, the apprehension in the girl’s voice.

“And- And if he asks why” Aiko began softly, Tsunade sat down at her seat and brought her hands together, lightly resting her chin on her interlinked fingers and thoughtfully surveyed the young women standing before her. “You may tell him that I assigned you as his new roommate” Tsunade finished.

Still averting her eyes, Aiko slowly made her way to the door. Her hand rested on the door handle, a few moments passed. Then turned to face the beautiful women seated at the desk. This time Aiko’s eyes were a little clearer, a little brighter. “Thank you Hokage-sama” she whispered and bowed gracefully. This time, the emotions swirling within Tsunade’s eyes were more apparent. She also needed a few moments to clear her throat before she could reply. She finally nodded at the girl “dismissed”.

The End

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