Memories of a Angel

Memories, both joyful and painful, raced and danced throughout Tsunade's mind. Her mind went reeling back to long-forgotten years, before all the terror had happened, way back to a time when

The memory of a beautiful, lively little girl with a cheeky smile. Her handsome young farther whose breathtaking deep blue eyes, which had sparkled with mischief in his younger days, would soften with love when he'd looked upon her ... two consecutive bursts of sunlight, two soft little bundles of happiness that she had presented to him in his eager arms, and that he would drop everything at work and rush home to see ... a baby daughter, a baby son, the exact copy and image of their parents...

A sudden knock on the door torn Tsunade out of her memories “come in” Tsunade harsh fully ordered. The door slowly creaked open reviling a young women “Aiko” Tsunade whispered, Aiko looked to Tsunade “been a long time hasn’t it Tsunade” Aiko spoke gently like a river. Tsunade couldn’t speak she was to amazed that the baby daughter standing before her was all grown up. Ready to face the world ...

Slowly, ever so slowly, a little gentle smile played around the young woman’s lips, lighting up her large blue eyes. Those same achingly familiar blue eyes.Aiko slowly walked towards Tsunade who was having trouble keeping her emotions get the better of her. Suddenly Tsunade found herself in Aiko’s warm, tender embrace, something which even shocked Tsunade.

The warm embrace lasted for seconds. Aiko quickly drew back, her head fell to the ground, a single teardrop plummeted to the ground. Tsunade gently put her hands on the girls shoulders, and smiled softly. Her words formed from a paining throat were more whisperers “You miss him don’t you?”

Aiko shut her eyes tightly trying her very best not to cry “ How could I not these last thirteen years it’s been impossible” Tsunade sighed, gently letting her hands slip off Aiko’s shoulders “you were a child then, Aiko”. Aiko’s gazed fixed on Tsunade Aiko’s gazed fixed on Tsunade. “Still I shouldn’t have left him, he needed me and I wasn’t there for him” She whispered in pain.

Tsunade could only imagine how she felt. To deal with the both of her parents dying and having to take care of a newborn baby brother. It must of been the hardest thing in her life. And yet even with all of this, she continued to watch over him, like a guardian angel would, always their but not seen.

 A soft sigh suddenly escaped Tsubnade “you were always watching over him, from the distance watching him grow up. You have been taking care of him all these years, even if he doesn’t know it” a slow small smirk crept the corner of Aiko’s mouth. “Maybe” she whispered Tsunade straightened and cleared her throat “Maybe it’s time to blow away the cobwebs. A lot of time has passed you must consider yourself in a new era, a new generation.

Aiko bowed her head to face the floor. Tsunade’s voice faded away as she quietly watched the young women, golden stands of hair swayed across her face, in a tense posture.

And yet

Look at you

You’re no longer weak, confused and insecure

You’re all grown up ready to face the world

But First


The End

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