Return of a legend

A young tall figure walked down the dusty stone road to the hidden leaf village. The figure had long golden curly hair blowing in harmony with the wind, she looked up at the proud hokage mountain and frowned sadly as the memories came flooding back in a flash.


Gone for so long

The girl’s dress rippled softly through the wind “Stop right there!” commanded a guard positioned by the gates, the girl snapped out of her memories and looked at the guard “show us your passport and state your reason for coming here” another man ordered harsh fully. The young women grabbed her backpack and digged in it to find her passport and handed it to the guard “I assure you I am not a threat to konoha, I only wish to live in this village” the young women assured in a voice that even a angel would be jealous of. The other guard sighed “sure you can enter the village, but you to go to the hokage first”, the young women nodded and walked slowly into the village.

The young women walked through the active village children were laughing and playing happily, adults were working in shops. The young women chuckled softly nothing has changed she thought it was like she had never left. The young women continued to walk to the hokage’s place, while familiarizing herself with everything.  

“Tsunade did you hear? She is back!” Shizune shouted with excitement as she burst through the door “Shizune calm down who is back?” Tsunade scowlded her assistant. “Sorry Tsunade, but she is back, she was spotted outside the gates”. “For the love of- just tell me who is back?” commanded Tsunade “the fourths daughter Aiko Uzumaki”

The End

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