Angel of Kohnoha

Loneliness ends for Naruto when his sister returns, and he finds himself surrounded by the love and care he'd always longed for. But Aiko has also returned for another reason to protect him, because the enemies of Konoha are stirring.

It was a hot summer’s afternoon, the sun glared down at the beautiful village of Konoha. Many people were out enjoying the beauty of the beautiful weather. Chattering crowds of people were streaming towards the teahouses, restaurants and the academy. Konoha the most marvellous place in all the ninja world, a place where brave ninja’s are born and will give their lived to protect their home, brave ninja’s like the Fourth Hokage, who gave his life to put the nine tailed fox into his son Naruto, to protect the village. But today was a special day, what could be so special about this day? It wasn’t the beaming heat from the sun, but today seemed really special.

Sometimes when it is sunset the flowers are the most beautiful, when the golden razes of the sun shines gracefully on the flowers before saying goodnight. Indeed on this day this particular afternoon, a flower that had been long forgotten by the beautiful light of the Hidden Leaf Village. A flower that had bared so much pain, so much suffering that the beautiful flower left her home, her past and her only brother that desperately needed her, all in the Hidden Leaf Village.

Her brother, her brother who she abandoned when he was a small baby, a brother that would be hated just for living, a brother that would know no love, destined to be alone until death. He was just a baby, a defenceless baby that needed her, but what could she do, what could a scared four year old girl do. A scared girl who witnessed her parent’s death, a scared girl who ran away from her fear like a coward.

She swore that she would return to her home, to her needed brother. She would return when she was stronger.and now that fateful day has come, that her brother and her would be reunited and restore their clan, the great Uzumaki clan.

The End

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