The Devil's Messenger

His eyes were black as night; his face hard as stone. He showed no mercy and felt no pitty. He was muscular and had brown hair reaching past his shoulders. When he came, he came in flames. You never saw them, but everyone felt them. Fear would strike the very core of your being. Your knee would tremble, and your will would become weak. No one fought him. No one disobeyed him, but everyone feared him. He wasn't graceful and beautiful like the woman before him. He'd stampeed to his target. He would drag you down in a strangle hold and laugh as you screamed in terror. Twisted from his years spent in the lakes of fire, he now took joy in the pain and misfortune of others. Though he was not graceful, he remained silent. Coming in the dead of night to claim his victims. His words were harsh and straight to the point. His cold eyes would stare into your soul, his mind would put images of all your past sins into your head. He'd show you the future that would await you, and when you were trembling an pale white, he would drag you down into the darkest abyss of hell. People more often looked for bodies here because he took the most prestine and selfish of men, but when nothing was found, people just grew more and more afraid. Though still no one would know why this was happening, so no one would change their ways. If only they could see that their greed and selfishness would ultimately be their demise.

The End

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