Chapter 2Mature

"What were you thinking?" Summer's mother cried "Young lady, this is the fifth time this week people have come to me, complaining about you stealing from them. I've lost count how many times people have reported you stealing. I'm amazed your not in jail." She laughed bitterly "It must be your angelic little face." when the three year old girl sitting in front of her crossed her arms, tiny face stubborn. Her mother glared, furious at her problem child's stubborness and sticky fingers. She turned to her husband and he looked away, not wanting to interfere. Summer didn't look away, refusing to be ashamed of her action. Her mother sighed after a moment, shaking her head in despair "Go to your room. Your father and I will decide on your punishment." Summer went to her room, face stony. When she shut the door, she saw that a person dressed in a black cloak stood next to her bed. Thee hood was up: she could not see the face. She opened her mouth to scream, but the cloaked figure moved swiftly, seizing the girl's arm and clamping a hand over her mouth. It easily pinned Summer, and tied her hands and feet together so she couldn't move or struggle. It also gagged her, and picked her up easily. It took her out of the house, using the window instead of the door. It died her to the back of a horse and mounted, riding off, ignoring the muffled cries of Summer. She eventually stopped struggling and wondered what this strange figure wanted with a troublesome three year old girl. She turned her head, looking for anyway to get free. She spotted a knife resting in a sheath near her hands. When the horse stopped and the rider dismounted, disappearing into the woods, Summer reached for the knife, just getting her fingers around it. She cut the ropes on her hands and cut the ones around her feet, sitting up. She carefully climbed into the saddle, grabbing the reins, trying to figure out how to control the horse, which just kept eating. That was when something struck the back of her skull, and she fell, unconscious.

The End

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