Chapter two part fiveMature

The angel lashed out. “Shut up Daniel! Gabriel isn’t dead. I’d know it. And what do you know anyway?” They really didn’t get along. Even though they’ve helped each other in several occasions, they never really spoke to each other. Danny rarely speaks to other people.

Danny opened his mouth to fight back, but another voice stepped in. “Danny, don’t you have a job to do?” A man in his forties appeared. He had long black in a pony-tail and wore a black suit. An ashen horse wearing a black saddle and reigns trotted behind. A black scythe was tied at the stranger’s belt.

Danny disappeared in thin air. “Death, aren’t you supposed to be in California. For that earthquake you planned for tomorrow.” Death pulled on the reigns of the horse.

“When one of my reapers isn’t doing his job and an Arc Angel is harassing him, I have to check out.” Death stepped forward. “Don’t act like I’m stupid Michael. There are more demons that ever and your brother is still missing. A brother, I might add, you were every close to.” He placed a pale hand on the railing beside’s the angels. “But don’t make my Reapers do you’re dirty work. Remember Daniel isn’t very fond of you. He was once human.”

Michael lowered his gaze. “We need this…Julian Valentine. He’s one of the few fallen angels who probably isn’t working for Lucifer,” the Arc Angel said and finally climbed on the railing, wings fully spread out. They were three times his height and an off white. “If he cooperates, he won’t be so severely punished.”

“Listen, I’ve been around a lot longer than you have and killed billions of people. Don’t think because you’re an Arc Angel you are all powerful,” Death whispered, “And can do anything you want.”

Michael scowled. “I just do what God tells me.”

A strong blew just as Michael fell. The wind picked up his wings, which started flapping, and Michael was flying up to the sky.

Death watched until Michael flew above the clouds. Angels. This is why I like Reapers. Then he climbed on the ashen colored horse. California here I come.

Julian shot up in bed, sweating. He just had a very disturbing dream. He was being held down by demons as a young man with curly brown hair tortured his mother and father in front of him. For years, he’s had very strange dreams like this. There was a knock and Father Joseph figure stood in the doorway. Truman was here. Julian dressed, thinking about the dream. Who was that stranger in his dream? The Michael Statue seemed to be watching Julian when he turned back.

What it would be like to be an angel. To have people worship you and have power. Michael pointed his sword towards the sky as he flew. Michael, please protect me from these demons, Julian thought, closing his eyes. He had no idea that the Arc Angel was listening in. On their way out, Julian kept fiddling with the cross.

Truman noticed. “Where did you get that?”

“Father Joseph. It’s a Christmas present. It belonged to his sister,” Julian said and smiled. “I think it’s the nicest present I’ve got.” Truman remembered the case. They drove in silence the rest of the way. As Julian looked out the window, he swore he saw a person with large white wings flying above the building tops.

The End

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