Chapter two part fourMature

Well what is normal? A cookie cutter home with two kids and a dog. Julian scowled at the idea. He knew perfect family life didn’t exist, but that didn’t mean he stopped loving his family. Once he placed a foot inside the room, he fully scrutinized the feather. There aren’t any birds with feathers this long living here or with this weird coloring.

Julian placed it on a small nightstand, threw a thick log on the fire, and fell asleep.

He had no idea that right now, he was being talked about.

Miles away on the Brooklyn Bridge, a golden haired teenager walked lazily, long golden curls gnarled as wind whipped and the bridge swayed. The teenage boy stopped and lolled back against the railing, waiting. Even just standing there, girls stopped and hoped he’d go home with them. Each time, they were shut down. Now isn’t a good time for pleasure. There were better things to think about than being with a mortal woman. If a mortal gazed up at the sky, they wouldn’t see the stars because of the intense lights.

Though Michael wasn’t exactly human. As more time passed, less and less cars traveled. Michael seemed to be waiting for somebody or something because all he did was stand there gazing at the heavens, muttering words in an ancient language. Suddenly, a loud bang ran throughout the bridge. The honey eyed teen boy stuffed his hands in his pocket and wore a somber expression as he walked next to Michael. The stranger had on a black blazer, a black My Chemical Romance teen shirt, black pants held by a black studied belt and black boots. His neck was slightly bent and he had a small tick.

“You’re late Danny.” Michael sighed.

Danny’s face stayed emotionless. “I have a job you know. Death doesn’t like his Reapers slacking off and the other Reapers don’t even like me.”

Michael inhaled a huge breath of air. “Did you find him?”

“Yeah. If you Arc Angels are so friendly,” Danny said friendly with lots of sarcasm, “why didn’t you meet this Julian kid?”

“Sorry but there were more pressing matter to attend to. You were the closest person I could find. What did he tell you? Is he with Lucifer?”

Danny shrugged. “Not much but his name. He doesn’t seem to believe what he sees.”

“Were his wings completely black?” Michael asked quickly. He ignored the last part Danny said.

“Yes, they were as ghastly as Kano’s.”

Michael narrowed his eyes, “Don’t mention that traitor’s name. We cut him off because he rebelled and killed two of our brothers. But right now we need everyone. Even if they’re fallen.”

As Michael set a foot on the railing, thirty foot wings flapping, Danny called, “How’s your search for Gabriel? Find him yet? Is he even alive? Nobody can find him. What makes you think you’ll find him when no other can?”

The End

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