Angel Of Death

The angels of death come and take their victims in very different ways. Walking them to heaven and dragging them down to hell.

Some say she's beautiful. Some say she's like a ghost, but none really know why she's here. She wonders in the woods. Her skin the color of ash, her hair flowing long and graceful like a black mustang. Her dress is a light olive green, and the sleeves wrap around her arms like bandages. It reaches to her ankles and never touches the ground. She moves silently and fast as the wind. Strangely, she looks like she belongs here, like she's part of the forest. She'll come out into the city seldomly. She comes in the middle of the night, so no one ever sees her. Most of the stories call her a murderer, but a few say she's a savior. As the homeless rome the streets, she takes them one by one. They wake from their cold slumbers and look up to the face of an angel. Her deep purple eyes mesmerize them. She'll reach out her hand and say only a few words, " Come with me my child, and be relieved of this hard life." Still locked in her gaze, they feel an overwhelming trust in this woman. They take her hand and follow her deep into the forest. She smiles at them and whispers reassuring words, but by the time they reach the middle of the forest, they're gone. No one ever finds a body, but no one really looks. They never go that deep into the forest for fear that she will take them, but they have no need to fear. She only comes for the humble; those who are honest, grateful, and loving. Only those with nothing ever truly appreciate somthing, so that's all she ever takes. No one ever reallizes what she's doing or why, but that's because they don't really see. They don't really believe, but they'll have their own escape. Not from her and not to the same place, but they'll all be taken one way or another.

The End

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