The beginning of the end.

Romani was regretting her choice to help Favrashi as she had seemed to make it worse! The sorry lost evil souls still followed her like damn sheep.

"ahhhh go away!! leave me alone, please just go to whatever part of hell your supposed to go!"

She had said this many a time and still they said nothing..not a word.

"Oh how do i redeem myself lord?how do i undo what i have done?" she shouted in despair really not expecting an answer, so the last thing she expected was a blinding white light which seered through Romani's eyes making her stumble back into her sorry followers.

When she had regained her sight she looked up and gasped! for there stood Mary Magdalene, the wife of jesus, a vision, bright white hair, piercing green eyes, and wearing a long white gown. She had a glow all around her and the sofest voice one can imagine.

"Oh my poor poor child, such a silly thing you have been" and she held out her arms to Romani who without question stepped into the embrace and she whispered into Romani's ear, "I know why you did what you did my child, and yes there is a way for you to redeem yourself, but you cannot undo what you have done. There will be a high price for your foolishness. You must make a self sacrifice, save Favrashi for he will need you to beat Ureil and return to the heavens, to do so, you will leave this forsaken place and be forgiven but you will be recycled, born again as a human, you will never see Favrashi again, you will never be a angel again. You will not remember this life, but we will be watching, you will be born with defromities and it will be a hard, hard life, if you prove yourself, when you die you will be able to come back to the house of god. But if you sin and dissapoint again you will forever be stuck in Hell. You will know what to do when the time comes my child" and with that Mary Magdalene vanished, leaving a aroma of lillies after her.

Romani now knew she must carry on through the gates of hell and reach Favrashi and save him, at least she could make up for what she had done, rectify the hurt and dissapointment she saw in his eyes. She looked back at her sorry followers and sighed and straightened her back and started the long journey forward.

The End

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