Hcoma's help

Hcoma lived in the deepest reaches of hell. The flames surrounding it where as tall as he was. This was the home of the fallen angel. The home of the Devil, The home of satan, the home of Hcoma.
   Bravely he stepped forward and drew an arrow. There, sitting on a dias was Hcoma, the devil.
 "I command you to release me by the hand of God!" Favirashi ordered.
 "the hand of God does not reach me boy!" Hcoma roared. "How dare you order the lord of hell!" Hcoma rose from his dias and drew a flaming blade. With an almighty crash it hit the floor with an almighty crash, missing favrashi by inches.
   Just then an ethirial light burst from the cieling.
 "No, Satan! This angel has a job to do!" God's voice rang out. Satan glared hatefuly at the light, His sword disappeared and satan sat down again. 
 "You will go now!" He glared angrily. suddenly, a force grabbed a hold of Favrashi and threw him into the air, out of hell and into the streets of the ghostly Uriel...  

The End

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