Hell's Bells

As Romani approached Favrashi, she knew she had made a fatal mistake. She had never seen Favrashi look so weak but the worst thing was the look he was giving her, full of disgust, anger and bitter dissapointment.

 "How could you?" Favrashi growled, "you have gone against everything I believe in, I can get out of Hell, I can escape but you cant. You are now damned to stay here for eternity"

 Favrashi was close to tears, his heart was breaking in two like shattered glass, he was sure if you listened hard enough you could hear it.

 "I...I cant save you Romani, I cant go against everything I believe in, and I cant stay here I have to kill Ureil I have to punish those who break the rules. I wish there was salvation for you, I really do."

As Favrashi was talking to Romani she looked down in shame, tears were streaming down her face like a mini waterfall. Each tear that fell to the floor broke Favrashi's angry tirade.

"It was a stupid, stupid thing to do, but I know you did it for me and I have never loved you more for it!"

Romani looked up and ran into Favrashi's open arms, they hugged tightly for what seemed like a century, neither one wanting to let go of the other and Favrashi whispered in Romani's ear,

"I will do everything I can to help you, just dont ask me to go against what i believe in"

"I wont Fav, and I am sorry I thought I was doing the right thing,  you complete me, you are the better half of me"

They  kissed and suddenly Favrashi had an idea, maybe there was one person who could help.

"Hcoma"  is all he said and vanished, leaving Romani wondering what the hell was going on.

The End

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