Evil at its purest

Uriel's chest swelled with pride. He was honored to play such a crucial role in coming War.  Soon it would begin.  He walked through the Gates of Din with confidence and determination as he approached the stairs that led down to the River Stix.  There, half way up the thousand steps was the pathetic Favrashi, weakly crawling towards him.  It was just as his Master said it would be. 

Favrashi wasn't ready for this.  His strength was drained.  Each of the countless beastly demons he had encountered was stronger and more evil than the one before it.  They had attacked him relentlessly, without a breath of rest between them.  The only reason he had survived each battle; his one paper-thin advantage was that he was without sin.  There was no fatal flaw in his armor for them to deliver that final death blow.  But there was a big difference in merely surviving all the punishment, and striking down Uriel, Satan's most evil and powerful servant.  He had hoped for rest, but even that slim hope had evaporated when Favrashi saw Uriel looking down from the top of the stairs. 

Favrashi braced for an attack as Ureil leapt into the air and dove towards him, but the punishing blows never landed.  Instead, Uriel touched lightly down, and sat a few stairs above him.  Favrashi growled as he gasped for breath, "What are you waiting for?  You may be able to beat me senseless, but you won't kill me.  I'll hang on to you for a thousand years until we're both exhausted, and drag you down into that black river if I have to, but you will not kill me!" 

Uriel's smug smile disappeared, and his voice took on a tone of actual concern.   "I don't want to kill you my old friend, I want to save you.  I can  help you get anything you want.  All you have to do is ask me.  Tell me what it is that you desire; what you love most, and it's yours."  Uriel paused to gauge Favrashi's reaction, but got no reply.  "All we are asking, is that you let us take the evil ones when they're born.  Let us get them out of your way.  The world would be a better place.  Sure, our armies would grow, but your's would be more pure.  We would be more equal."

Favrashi mustered all his strength, and clenched his fists.  "The only thing I want... the only thing I desire... The only thing I love, is God and his Wisdom, and his Law.  And you have broken the most sacred of His Laws!"  Favrashi launched himself up at Uriel hoping to catch him off guard. 

"Oh please."  Uriel muttered as he shoved Favrashi to the ground like dead weight.  "There's something else you desire, or someone.  You may be down here without sin, but that one you love is down here now too, and she committed the same sin as me.  She took evil souls while they were still alive.  And she did it all for you.  You may have an escape plan to get out of Hell, but she must stay.  That is, if you respect God's precious Law." 

Favrashi had heard enough.  "You're lying!  She would never do that!"

Uriel smiled as he looked up and saw Romani and her ragged band of followers approaching in the distance from across the river.

The End

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