Romani and the souls

Romani was looking out for her sixth evil soul, she was starting to enjoy this, helping the Humans and breaking the rules, she felt free.

However she knew her time was running out (its what she intended). She could smell Rimmon closing in on her.

Rimmon was another Angel Killer, given the job temporarily whilest Favrashi was on his mission in Hell.

Romani did not want to think about what would happen if Favrashi failed. She just wanted to be with him even if it ment an eternity in Hell.

Rimmon was a very moral and proficient angel, he did as he was told never argued and never complained. To look at he was sublime. He had a muscular tanned body, jet black hair as smooth as silk, and the brightest, deepest green eyes you have ever seen. He was enchanting. He did not like doing this job, he hoped and prayed that Favrashi would succeed and return and take over. He did not like the way it made him feel,  he felt as though he was damning himself.

It was with a heavy heart that he had to track down Romani, as it was Favrashi's partner and he did not want to think about the repercussions of what would happen when he caught her and sent her to hell. 

As Rimmon was closing in on Romani, she had found herself another soul.

They were in Canada and a man aged around 19 was buying a gun, when he had bought it he walked toward the college opposite the little row of shops, walked in and started killing anyone and everyone he saw.

Romani reached out and into his body, she first ripped out his heart then savagely ripped out his soul.

His Soul was tainted black, the purest of evil.

He looked at his body then at her and screamed,

"I haven't finished, I haven't finished killing them yet"

"You disgust me, you dont even show any remorse for what you have done. You dont deserve the gift of life, you are going to hell."

All he did was laugh.

Rimmon had been watching from the doorway,

"Romani im sorry"  and he shot a flaming arrow into her heart. She smiled,

"Thankyou" and she walked into Hell. 

The End

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