In a Bad Place

As the new soul was cast to Hell and waiting to be judged by Minos, Favrashi was fighting for his soul in the third circle, not knowing and would not want to know that his great love was damning herself.  In the ninth circle Minos had just left Ureil and Uriel was talking to Lucifer.

It was freezing cold down here, the ice was kept frozen by Lucifers six flapping wings. Around them you could see the legs flapping from the Caina-Traitors to kin. They were immersed in the ice head down. You could also hear some one scream from the Antenora-Traitors to Homeland, the Count Ugolino ws biting Archbishop Ruggeri's head

"Oh be Quiet Ruggeri you should be used to it by now!"

"Master, Minos has just been to see me and it looks as though i have a death sentance. They have sent Favrashi down to kill me."

"do not worry it is very unlikely that he will make it through, but this is what we want, with Favrashi out of the way the Demons that you sent up to earth and the angel followers can start the plan, I can taste my freedom now and heaven, oh i missed the feel of the clouds and i cant wait to banish the self- rightous fool who banished me, lets see how God likes it in my own little Hell, oh and the souls just imagine"

"I never asked you this master but what did you do to get banished?"

"Sono uguale e sopra il dio" (I am equal and above God) Lucifer spat this out,

"He made me to be the perfect angel, he named me Lucifer the light bringer, I was perfect, my skin was golden and my hair a bright yellow like the colour of straw, i was nothing like the rotting corpse you see before you. One day God called a meeting with all the heavenly hosts and told us that he would be giving the power of God to his son! That what he says goes, errrr it just makes me so mad, Jesus was nothing he knew nothing, IT SHOULD AVE BEEN ME, Dovrei avere l'alimentazione di saggezza dei dii me!" (i should have the power of Gods wisdom Me!)

Lucifer was getting more angry and Ureil wished he had never asked as Fangs had started to form from one Lucifers mouth and his eyes were going red and his six wings were beating faster and faster it was like a Blizzard in the north pole.

He kept repeating, faster and faster louder and louder until all you could hear was the thunderous beating of his wings and the bellow of his voice


(it should have been me)

It was so loud that it had traveled to Favrashi who looked up startled and wobbled on the thin rockety bridge that was above the river he was trying to cross. It was the river styx. The water was jet black and he had to be careful as  he could not touch the tar like water, one drop would make him forget everything he ever knew and would make him forget who he was. He would be damned to walk around aimlessly not ever knowing where, who or why.

He was getting closer, and he had never been more terrified.

The End

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